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Magnus Carlsen playing and streaming on (2018 Feb 26)

I think there has to be more attention to the difference between moves 31.Problem these days is brown furniture is out of fashion.White and black those are the colors unless if you might have a different color set.

Pelotudo tu mama estubo buen ayer a la noche.X2X1 0 root of this quadratic equation is not real( by using quadratic formula) i.This guy isnt human at allHe code with piano and no bugs at all.White would be forced to either move the bishop or capture the knight, then black bishop captures white bishop, direct line on the two knights.Dabest talaga kwento ng mmk lagi ako napapaluha.I appreciate the simple way of animation you made there we can use that idea as in our school projects only by paperwork and crafting.That's a good thing I never really used a plane but now I need one.Kd1 %clk 0:03:13 Bxb4 %clk 0:03:08 17.

Karma strikes Team India.I can place 9 B).But its great sir.2:37 - yeah secks.8:19, the bishop can pinthe queen at d5 instead of moving the queen to h5.What did I do wrong?I like dada she plays very good.

That is THE PLANER.It is your imagination that impresses me.Another note about 'proper' pocket-hole screws: in screws like the 'Official' Kreg screws, the long, non-threaded, shank prevents the scew from hanging up in the 'outside' piece, allowing the scew to pull the two pieces together, completely.Cancer killing each other for resourcesMe:.4:20WooooooooooWoooooooooWooooooooWoooooooWoooooWoooooWooooWoooWooWoWWWWWWW.Firouzja just face a true triple threat.That last game was awesome.None of these applications have been implemented to society why?Woww what could it be wetter than water?What a good sport.

Agree he is a great teacher.Keep your mouth shut, respect the table and the game.14 and 15 th question not understood?Thanks for covering this!I don't like clowns.Dear ExEyeSumaViued, You can trade with a Fletcher Villager to get plenty of emeralds (sticks 4 emeralds) to get to the Pearl's faster.

He can pack his bags

He can pack his bags

The goal is to prevent chips from jamming up under the cap or chip breaker.However, that is one fine chess set you got yourself.In Jubilees 1:20, Belial's appearance continues to support the notion that sin is a direct product of his influence.He's threading cable for the gantry down the gantry's cable track.Great content guys!Would love to see what would ve happened if he had another 32 years, or even 12.Not a fan of the way you touch the blade regularly with it connected to power.I’m scared for Zach!

Kenneth Rosenstroem

That is one fine shithouse....I guess You do everything bigger over there :)


Rather than cutting the individual squares out, I'd have cut strips of wood and then glued them together making a striped board, then cut the board into strips the other way, and glued the strips together again to make the checkered board.And the construction isn't dangerous if you respect your power tools and keep your fingers away from the blade.Use a push stick when necessary.Even then a table saw can catch and kick the wood back at you, so stand to the side and avoid the line of fire.I had a 2x4 just miss me once.


Many likes !!!

Candy Wang

They should also make a Square Off checkers board


Stunning chemistry between Dan and Magnus :-D

Victa family Forever

I’m Christian :D

JeffStorm Show

Naam ke saath admi bilkul milta he

Samul Visser

Always found infinity discussions unnecessary. Infinity doesn't exist, it's as simple as that. Something that is really infinite cannot be calculated with, doing so just gets useless results


holy shit that american Petrosyan pronunciation.

Ram Kaundinya

5:26 what is stopping white from disrupting Magnus' attack by taking bishop e7 and threatening to double queen?

Kritin Rane

Like the comment if u like Lincoln better Reply if u like the dad better

Matty Mayo

He may be crazy but was extremely correct about religion ...


Damn. I missed the whole thing because I had classes all day!! Any chance you'll be reviewing Stavroula Tsolakidou's game against Mark Paragua at the St. Lois Norm Congress? I think the match was on day 5?suggestions

Ls vm

excelente trabajo. me encanto el ajedrez. felicitaciones. muy buen trabajo.


Are u good at chess?

Jim Kramer

you do awesome work sir!

Hoosier Daddy, Boy

I lose to 1100s.Why am i here?

RSM Pandadude

anyone else just a poor kid who loves this stuff

Shirley Loyle

Do more vid with chess board

Roberto Lazary

thanks for that... it helps a lot and I will see you again!

Kleber Venturin

popcorn attack

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