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Magnus Carlsen "SIKAT" Fabiano Caruana

These children are His now.You are extremely talented in your art and an excellent instructor!Mine looked just like the first picture with the duct tapein the video,very basic door stopper shape but it won.If force doesnt work just use more force.Looks like something wish.Who dares me to smash my phone into my computer.OMG i love you guys, cuties 3lol.

It was a

It was a

Why are mexican and canadian flag sharing "N", but american flag enjoys the whole "A" for itself?I Supporting for.This was really a no-brainer.D naman lahat may mga magulang na todo suporta parin sa pamilya kahit nakatapos na si panganay.If you load the file with chalk it will reduce the screeching noise, Also I was trained to always hold the hacksaw with both hands for better control.He's bigger than everyone to exist in my life time.  I also use the other variations you show.Your choice of muzak is unique.

I am a king level 8 at challenger 2 using the same deck but could not go further as my card level is too low.I personally appreciated that high quality of famous actors in the older movie, but both were very good.(This is assuming you're talking about the position around 15:50).Are you a indian.It’s not just a Utah thing.I'm destroying my new bought laptop to build this.Why are there so many commercials, lately.I mean he also plays on other websites like lichess, Hikaru only plays on chess.I heard that medical science in the Middle Ages was so bad, people who could afford a doctor were in worse health than poorer people who could just let the disease run its course, because what doctors believed and practiced back then was completely unscientific (nobody verified the beliefs to check whether they were true).Who else didn't watched the whole video?

Can you make some more this style?Nama game caturnya apa ya.Hey bro make a video of Nakamura vs pragananda.Is it a technique you were taught, have always used, or invented for your 3-tool series?I love how most of them is even more agressive than the people I met in other online games :D at least they are mostly mad at themselves.And he gets this for a "guaranteed" 25 years!Because, I managed to find 3121 by working in that equation.Lol that wasn't that mind blowing of a move I guessed it immediately and I'm no genius.It's just a natural element of competition between humans.

The line at the very beginning, where black

The line at the very beginning, where black

I HATE the Queen's gambit declined as black because I ALWAYS struggle with Queen-side development and your comments on the c-pawn-knight relationship are really interesting.The ol' rook up n' over.Ok ppl get over the music.Wouldn't that create a speed bump that could be protected by the bishop at f6?Ellam details um useful.Nearly twenty years ago, I went to university as a (very) mature age student and one of the more useful things that I learnt was the word 'thingy' - that's the Australian versionof 'thing'.We raise our wands to our glorious dead!I mean what's the probability of that happening?Remarkable work!

My family were 2nd career vendors at a local flea market and in that time many folks would rent a space for a single weekend to try to sell off their household junk.It's not coming back. one suggestion on future video's look into camera lens vs.Techmoan patreon supportersNote: I am not yet supporter.Why not Nc7 to block the checkmate instead of Nb6 giving the knight up!Hahaha Parker Square.I'm 61 and very English!

Q ten points higher than Einstein.A lot of comments here suggesting b1 - h1 at 10:50.At 17:00 in a bandsaw is shown making grooves for wedges with a very poor blade weld.Wow, e is algebraic!Your mouth toilet'-Tom.You replying to every comment is so wholesome I love you.Instead of rook e8.


"Even Hello Kitty would say goodbye here" LOL. Awesome commentary! Thank you!

yoga jesay tarigan

Ini mah kelas easy bos. semua orang bakal sadar kalo pion makan kuda hitam, castel hitam akan bergerak bebas.

Syed Ali

Ohhh God Testy testy bhetreen Mah sha Allah

Gagan Kulung

I am17years old and I also play chess and I have learned many from your video

Bp P

4:32 Smack - "Jepagize" Beasley -

Fuat Alsan

Neither. Go study computer science

Curtis Franks

I would 100% buy this game.

cool username

0:39 what did this white do?

Alex K.A.P.

WoonderBar koobadooblyk!))

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