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Making Friends With A Dragon & MAGIC! 2018 Bay Area Renaissance Festival

There are a lot of ways of adding strength with biscuits there.For how many minutes ?These videos are chock full of helpful tips.Lmfao f6 will ruin his dreams.Alexander Baburin (2530) vs Utut Adianto (2510)Liechtenstein (1993), LIE Queen's Gambit Accepted: Normal Variation (D25).Any of the times around 38:58 when your opponent moved his bishop back to d8 you could have taken the pawn with a fork on the rook and queen.Thanks for watching and for the comments everyone!

HAHA "LIONEL LIVES TO DANCE ON ANOTHER CEILING ANOTHER DAY!Thanks po master.Can you please share a link where to buy?Thanks for this.

I've got some

I've got some

Kd6,c8Q,a1Q,Qc5,Kf6,Qf7.I think that a version of Mortal Kombat had that.First to say first.Ima just stop watching,I'll tune in to the next drink champs.I'm sure this was probably stated.Perhaps you like it that way, just a thought.On the Where does Friday actually come before Thursday?What about putting the brackets here:1 - (1 1) - (1 1) - (1 1) - (1 1).

There are 12 matchsticks, so it is possible to move three of the sticks to form their own square, and eliminate one square when you do so.DiResta for president 2016.I succeeded but they never played more then 1 game of chess.I hate the sound of snow.Super and fantastic film.Only one who benefit was ad content placer lol, but there is no spying right?Finegold is very witty funny, but I'm not really sure about the interest of seeing an entire game vs.Bhaiya please Ankur dal dije a papa ka birth day gift ke liye.Com when I’ve been drinking?

This is such a relaxing video.

This is such a relaxing video.

And the tacticto be not duble check by queen and can take youre rook is.I'm just bored as hell and i don't- commercial is in black and white now as J.USE A PUSH STICK!Garry LEGEND indeed.She left me twice!A dy cch ph tt ziczac i.Bench made for under 200 dollars on thousands of dollars worth of equipment.Modern people have come up with modern equipment for them but the time needs to still be done - slow-cooking is still slow, we just have electric crockpots available to do it in.

Gangadharan Kumar

Thank you easy idea


I can beat both at the same time.

something simple, like a

wow he knew that in his brain!


exactly how long did this take you to do?


I'm impressed by the way he spray paint the whole thing. That was really awesome.

Codeina Live

Best tutorials in internet ! fantastic job !

Glyn Allaway

I had 1 of these given to me back in the mid 90’s being a raver I absolutely loved it! This is the first time I’ve seen 1 in over 20 years mind! The effect was always a bit of fun listening to happy hardcore but best in a smoke filled room, smoke machine obviously! I would actually love 1 of these today as it is a little trip back to a mad time of my life! I don’t think the person that give it to me realised they where so expensive though! Mine was a UK spec 1 with UK power plug. So many happy memories! The sound you demonstrates at the end was always part of the fun of the thing for me also.

Josh Marlett

free wood is best

Cheryl Birdsong-Juneau

Seems pointless to me.Lots of methods to make a chopping block - this has to be the most impractical.


Good analysis Kevin! Keep up the good work. I have watched many of your videos.


Watched this when I was still young at 2016, so I didn't understand much, thinking that it wasnt that impressive. Watching this video again made me realize how amazing this actually is. Dayum.


. . .. .. .. ..,,, . .. .. . . ... ... . ... . .

Hainam Nguyen

Fantastic video, thanks bros.


Yeah... I guess that’ll do If you don’t have an ikea nearby.

Billy Casper

The Existential Crisis Rises


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