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Masimli Nigar- chess results

I mean he could run this prg on an other computer, and even the engine used by chesscube couldn't spot it out.Amazing work Neil.Your dedication to woodworking and craftsmanship reminds me of Norm Abram.You can fire a pulse of light towards a mirror at the same instant a stopwatch starts and you can wait for the returning pulse of light to stop the stopwatch.Enjoyed the "Chess threesome" so much.So that's what the design are in jurassic Park.

That was quite the stare.This is going to betray the fact that I know nothing about how tools work, but ow do you keep the hand held router from biting too deeply when routing out the corners?Viva minecraft ostia.The real chore is in the labeling.I just wish you upload everyday jerry, you the best.I think I fell in love with you.I don't feel that unserstanding visually emparts any deeper or more practical understanding of the Fourier transform and that you can't truly understand the Fourier transform without viewing it as a projection onto a vector space.Is Royce Da 5'9 the older brother of Chico bean.

Eugene in the corner: always bet

Eugene in the corner: always bet

I'm f ing blocking this channel.Food for thought lol.Much respect for these kids but there were a few questionable moves.Why is clam starring at Eugene like that lmao 6:06.Did I think a4 was better to include?Zach is the hilariously cute baby cousin that tries his damn best to be "cool".If you can’t explain a phenomenon mechanically then you lie with strings.I didnt see the whole board.Yo this is great therapy.

However, I wonder who

However, I wonder who

Chuan ko can chinh.At 15:26 and 15:20 you will see a shadow passing by.Thankyou so much for showing the scrap pieces of wood trick!You just lost a game in like 11 moves.He'll definitely win.The water doesn't matter, the heat is what melts the lignin.Bummer but making good filament with a desktop extruder is not trivial.

At 16' 44'' you say countless master games have shown that after Bg5 Black is in trouble but you don't take the pains to explain what happens after Ne4 which as far as I can see easily wins a piece for Black after Qxg5.Todays conservatives haven't been this concerned about race since northern liberals took away their plantation slaves.We also say as I have just done not 'as I just did'.I kinda like the 147-layout."This makes sense.She played like 1200 rated.

A nail gun with no air hose?Anna Rudolf follows you.Long the legend.Amazing game from both players!Me commenting early: This is technically a face revealMe after the video:it is a face facereveal!So which do we prefer?

I love london system.

I love london system.

The position that will arise after black takes the rook is hopelessly lost, resignable.You wanna know whats smaller than thisImagine it.The greatest explanation ever.Funny they call carlini the hustler here.This is the election year pandemic dajour that is the pandemic to end all pandemics.Ni hay pregunta.I didn't know Ryan Gosling was into wood working.And after my pause (whatever it's lasted) I now have to count to 10 veeeery slowly and waisting 10 precious seconds of my life for nothing.Kadaparayumbol enna movie kitto.Well done clever.


Great games Jerryy, thanks for doing this.

el O'Connell



Tax the Rich


please add a vedio how to chakmate by a bishop and a night


If that is agadmator level i beat him also terrible

Edward Karim

Just keep going with this Saga and ignore the suggestions. It's pure gold and extremely instructive. The puzzles are amazing and the strategical concepts as well.Edit: With only one exception: 9th March - you know what I mean.

Crazy Bro

His parents are fucked up

Captain Charisma

This game is sick!!!

Man Co

Hi Mr. Is there an opening against e4 u can recommend other than sicilian, which is dynamic and aggressive? Tank u and I enjoyed ur cover on the grunfeld a lot

Sunita Gupta

Sir agar kisi ko Tal jaisa khelna hai toh kya karna hoga??

Wyatt Apooch

Holy fuck, that opening is pretty affective.. it really fucks up the opponent.

Fausto Robles

This guy is got experience. For a beginner is a joke

EU Arrow

This is an unbelievably good tutorial. So much knowledge packed into 30 minutes and lots of time-saving tips like Cinemachine and links to useful scripts to actually get something together in a short time, with good quality.Thank you!

Youness Taouil


Archangel Guitars USA

Maybe one day I’ll be able to afford tools large enough to pull off projects like this lol. Made a few cutting boards for my mom and mother in law yesterday and found out my limitations due to my 6in jointer and 13in planer

Aasma Bee

Very good sar ji video bahot acha

The Seeker

Can someone get this "ad" out of my recommendation


the whole event coulda turned out decent if the crowd wasn't trash tbh


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