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Master Chess Openings in 6 Minutes: GM Tips, Tricks, Principles, Strategies, Tactics, Ideas & Moves

Can I ask, what are the specs of thebit you are using for the engraving?Bb2 was not better?Like if you are gonna forget in 5 minutes.Ps: It always bothers me.

Because on the first row and the first column you can have at most two clones!After it moves attack the pawn and capture it.LED lights in the plastic would have been a nice addition.So $70 on materials.Go back to crybaby bridge.)Here's a google gallery with some photos.What was the video he was referring to at 1:29:45.In about 47:00, instead of castling short.

Yes, you will feel pain as

Yes, you will feel pain as

This looks like a good will version of the ambassador chess set XD.Everybody gangsta until agadmator wears the hood.Let us see 1 more Kar - Kar rivalry with C.Why white did not goes on Qa4 if c6 u just capture Bishop by queen.There are wayyy more seekhs than jews but they don’t get a shout out!Millonaire but can't buy a proper camera.

Happy birthday Gunjan!D U A P U L U H J U T AV I E W S.Also: would be surprised if no one’s yet asked you, KC, to makeup a scoresheet in the lowbar?That is an amazing gentleman.If black king were at b4, black would be winning although it's further from the center.Very interesting channel.

Great find with those

Great find with those

Esse jogo e so pra pc ou pra xbox tbm.20:33 I'm just a beginner but you can't deliver check mate with only a queen and a king can you?Bandsaw would be handy hey.Im  learning violin now, interesting violin's music,   detache spiccato legato  .Remember to always double check your comment before posting.Love your videos, the speedups are perfect.:) GORGEOUS TEACHER !Who even won lol.

Turds in the chain gang,.

Turds in the chain gang,.

9:05 nu vua ln h7 th ?Lol is 2 handed castling allowed vs hustlers?Duuuuuude,make minute 1:00 a T shirt.Music coming from the heaven.His head is certainly smooth.Analysis shows iii.

Jim Bailey

cool !

Michael Rouse

Inter stellar

thu Phamha

Co gng len quang liem

II Fabo II


Donnie Gonzalez

Good song

Philip Cabinta

Wow, the animations are great! The guys slot was really too short

Rin Kurohana

I am going to try that out omg


Do you use a special grade of glass?I bet hackers love you! Much respect, from a mad mechanic.

Jayvan Opoku

u could have taken the whole row of nine out and put 2 zeros in front of the 111 and 777 add 333 add 1 equals 1111

Lola Darlin

No tf they didn't just try to get me to sign for trump to stay in office


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