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Masterclass Maxime Vachier-Lagrave - Tradewise Gibraltar Chess Festival 2016

Worst case scenario- they do not work as one battery is charged and uncharged.How does that lose the game 7:21 Fabiano still has two rooks and a bishop to Ali Reza’s queen and knight which is actually winning for white.What a cool guy !What I like about this particular video is that you dont have the fanciest or highest priced equipment,yet you still made an absolutely beautiful cutting board.I really really loved this wonderful video.What kind of monster lifts their pen while drawing infinity?11:20 that black trash bag just moved, that's on the ground.

Cut to match together,

Cut to match together,

That's one mighty fine garage door!16:03 Even if he had 1 sec on the clock, tell me a reason to not play Kf3 here.Never thought I see this.The church would have frowned upon that!Szachy better 1 zasada kon walk dame xD bez obrazy 8.Hello Eric, at 48:06 White played 6.There's only one way to find out.Is there really such an opening as Norwegian rat?

So can you

So can you

Wonder if he's one of them."Cut, cut, cut, I mean it, cut, cut, cut, I mean it.Thank you pointing that possibility out for us to admire.0:43 Why am I not surprised that Alexander the Great (the great murderer) was immortalize by the West?I really worry about this one!Hi, I'm from Brazil and I love your videos.Sorry but what is the name of the soft lock song.Some beautiful pieces there.

It was nice seeing you two together again.You got 200k views in a week and counting and 1.That little Asian kid needs to shut the fuck up.It makes you believe that everything is possible, you know?Im so bad i dont even understand 1:18.You should make a website with all the properties you know of the pascal triangle, so anyone can find it and add their findings!Take your time and you get great results.HAHAHAHHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.2:41 imagine if he takes bishop with queen xD.

I like the doggo on the background.You are the best sleeping streamer eric.I've probably bought about 20 knives in my career, but only carry 6 with me.I mill the top with the babbet joint and do the bevel before I cut it into 4 pieces.No way for me at 10.Even in a hopeless position, he can will his way to a win with sheer intimidation.Ever since Firouzja pulled that crap at the world Blitz championship I find myself praying he loses!

Kirana Rimah

bagus bang gw menang mulu bang

Kamal Malhotra


Z A M A S U Sama

6:23 WHAT!i didn't know a monkey can turn into dragon

William G

There were like 5 trillion blunders in this game, but a win is a win.

g h l

16:48 :D

Joo Carlos

Lol, he just sang Ramones.


Magnus endgame power on show.

Sandeep Singh

That Rolex though

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