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Match 2 15 Minute Summary - Google DeepMind Challenge Match 2016

Just ONE thing, that was drivingme up the wall in this one.How can i join your academy.Fcil sr porque esta operacin no tiene ningn valor osea 0 y tan bien es un error estudie.Someone please do a video describing EVERY STEP of decorating from the time you stack the cake onwards please?Dude the pawns are like chinas army.Master of Curves.This guy is an absolute shit,.

Tell people the

Tell people the

After these two tools, I would acquire a router followed by a compound sliding miter saw.Awesome explanation.1:29 em vn cha hiu v sao c th chiu ht c.26:00 this woman is a badass, Or, BadAss is a woman this.Can you do some end game studies please.I just saw that outtake.Ganyan ang kuya.Thanks for the video!

Eugene: i havent played poker beforealso eugene: went to bartending sckool.Ah yes, Burglary for Mere Mortals, my favourite channel."Look at these two clowns here"I swear to god I wouldn't be half as into chess if it wasn't for Jerry.It's a fencing tool!Hipixals probably punching the air.

Yeah players had friends back in

Yeah players had friends back in

1:13:17 actually no, I think I know what happend: Magnus thought Kilgus had to go Kh7, which is, true as Kh5 Qh8, So he pre moved Qf7 I think to get some time.John killed that nigga.Its really nice.Es emocionante ver estas partidas.Guys I swear I just got free.And that's forbidden, a piece touched should be move and a move made should be played!

The contrasting woods make it.Not only a super GMbut modest too.Maling mali ang nangyari.Yo you literally used clamps to make clamps.3:10 "they said it was just the flu" Uh oh I cawght cawona viwus UwU.Holy crap the black bag keeps moving cant believe moe didnt see it.46:00 what is this song?You know that time ticking thing?At 19:32 how did whites bishop cross over the pawn?

Yo looking nice with that fresh cut

Yo looking nice with that fresh cut

This is all very interesting and what have you, but someone might have said something several years ago, that may or may not have been racist,homophobic, sexist or misogynistic.How many have you seen?Like how a stereographic projection maps the surface of Earth to a plane, touching at the S pole, putting the N pole "at infinity" - there's an underlying reality, the ball of Earth before anyone makes any silly projections.Great commentary duo.And love the video format!

N20 Games

Meek really seems outmatched here.


"Everything you do is wrong." You know me so well, Ben.

Clewerson Lima

Algum brasileiro?

Guilherme Furst

So much techniques in a single video, can anyone identify how exactly does he coat it with resin there?

Max Dunn

I wonder who would win in a match between Morphy and John

Discoloured Buttflaps

7:24 when future civilisation discovers this piece of iron, they’ll probably think we had cybernetically enhanced turkeys in early 21st century and make a stupid show like Ancient Aliens to convince everyone of it.

Dniel Dek

3:55Higher gravity on mars?How? Mars is smaller than Earth.

Manoj Joshi

fantastic game ... !!


mandatory unlike just for the apple-advertisement-like music in background

athlene x


Jose Anthony Jovellanos

Should've called the arbiter and claim win because of distraction.

Ericson Rios

el toro ungab no puede angkab

Queen of King queenofking

Them laughing about this evil monster was a bit inappropriate in my opinion

Aaryan Iyer

I would play c5 and begin the sicillian defense


Your explanation is very good

Neeli Ayaklar

Bu kadar hamle denk gelecekte bizde mat yapacaz zor i

Mr. M

Nice intro agad. But could you summarize it because some people dont give a shit about their lives. Like seriously it had to be 8 mins and 18 secs long?!!

Slavica Vukanic



That's the worst chess set I've ever seen. Everything that can possibly be wrong with a chess set, is wrong with that chess set, i.e., squares too small for the pieces, poor contrast between the white and black squares, poor contrast between the white and black pieces, and non-standard, abstract, difficult-to-identify pieces. As a bonus, you set up the board wrong, in more ways than one. You have a darker-grained square in the lower right-hand corner, when it is supposed to be a white square ("white on right"), and you managed to put the kings and queens in the wrong positions on both sides of the board. The kings are supposed to be on E1 and E8, and the queens are supposed to be on D1 and D8.On the other hand, the video was entertaining, except for the music.

Federico Doxa

Thank you so much! I’ve trained alot from this video!

Fanida Sari

Cinta kalian


Don’t rush -Varuzhan Akobian


Go golan

Jules Moyaert

Thank you SO much for a very instructive lesson. I subscribed and will and will be back!

HaNz Sanchez

Sobrang iyak ko dito

isaac leanos

Great tutorial. Went kind of fast at the checkForWinner method though.


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