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Welcome and Greetings from me!Make more of this series it's amazing !Vishanathan Anand to chess ka raja he.He hasn’t lost in 2 years because he knows when to play it safe.I am keeping the Bosch for small work with a sled.Robertson all the way!

I enjoyed watching a video on screws.I wish I wasn't forced to buy that crap to be able to publish apps on the app store.Sorry but the sheep riddle through to the card riddle seem to be rip offs of ted ed riddles.I just fail to look at the chessboard as a whole.

When you say AI are you thinking Minimax or ML?How about 4th root of 16, be specific dude.Run through the transactions one at a time and you get a 1000 loss.Thanks for the upload!How, pray tell, can this be of use?

Why is this guy always so happy

Why is this guy always so happy

I heard a girl voice.Ekspresi pemain pun boleh nampak jelas!I have found the bit does not ever slip around when pressing too hard on the drill into the material being drilled.Its really interesting would be grateful if there is more uploads on other moves and tricks.You crazy, that’s gorgeous.On the older HH CNC234 (20 years old) I make nearly all the cycles that my TNC640 have by hand programming, with subs and macros for 4 axis and I can do helical milling and ramping with only few lines of codes.What a psycho this one was, and one of the few ya really can say Society Created.

Great review also!the 19th, 20th, and 21st cards) on the third pass try to memorize those three.At 10:13, when it is Black's move, after Bb5, White could respond with Rc7, attacking the Queen.Butter na dile hobe apu?Well, eight fingers and two thumbs.What do you expect from the guy who composed star wars.That cello hold though.Absolutly NO stickers, we know your great job and if there’s any doubt about who ve done the restoration we can check out this in your channel.Distracted with ads instead then lose focus on the tutorials instead.I had previously thought of this idea but certainly not with wood.

When boys' voices be changing 1:16:49.It's weird to explain.10 bucks a month guys!Takes me back to the days of my Radio Shack chess.Your my inspiration on using chou.ReadLine()Console.Now wait a minute.Would using the same resin a little tiny bit smaller diameter work better?Ok, so you know how we have comments on videos saying 'the x number of people that disliked this video were blind or blah blah blah', this particular video however, I fail to see how anyone can dislike it.

Please correct me if I am wrong.I have just about every cellphone, laptop, and computer I've ever owned.Please solve that rubix cube lying over there for centuries.Its like a chair.Nah, dont play mobile legends, they scam af, high priced characters, no discounts for buying new heros, magic wheels is also scamming because you’ll never get legendary skin until you hit 100 spins which have nothing to do with luckrandomness 1 spin cause 60 diamonds 50 diamonds for $0.22:12 drop the tamp.

It's like to know what the hell was going on with the basic operations of the Enterprise between the All Good Things finale and Generations.The name of the book on minute 6:47 plz.You need to get a new good blade for your table saw, nice video,.Es como un ASMR.December 2019 what a great video.Start a credit repair businessor buy a package from us and build your new life!Why does this guys seem like he’s a Bobby Duke Arts wannabe.Jio irangiya aanuu mutaal vaitingaanu oonu uploaad chaayaaan Eeeee paadammn thaaanksss machaaaaaa.

Mike Nicolette

I knew he was an engine on move 2. They just make new accounts . It’s about trolling not chess. Log off = switching to engine

Bodhi Geraci

this whole stream was fucking gold"29:30 that is how you refute......whatever, whatever that opening was" I'm dead hahahaha


I think I would have a lot more fun just burning the money and dancing over the first instead.


i'd let her take my pawn )

KARTHIK. M Karthik

Dai pounda link ella da sunne


You should have bought a brain with that money ...


I wish they were that mad at the caffeine app.


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