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MATHS TEACHER (Mark Angel Comedy) (Episode 118)

Hey titan, your content is great and it is helping me alot.I completely agree with him on everything.It is Kasparov vs Pribyl (1980).Mongols vs West.Only my mechanics needs a sleeve for the sleeve.Guitar teacher na pala si baron geisler.No belts perished in the making of this video.Cant wait for the next vid.

Efren: This is my trickshot collection.It's okay if you do it ironically -).The fact that you said you never really cared about the audience confirmed that you do Champ!Appo 2 hr 25 min.

What the hell is the appeal of this red faced 1%er."Siverley" is not right.I have unsubscribed to you Eric Rosen after your twitch moderator(diamond cutter) continued to bully me and called me a cheat after I won against you in your sub tournament, he also banned me from the chat multiple times for no reason.Pls give me some tip mam.I’ve a long way in trading myself.I thinki want more strategies would i wanting to learn.

I don't really trust those

I don't really trust those

The little (brass?Well done, and a big G'day from Australia!And most people are blind to the obvious.What hikaru says is true, at my own level ( roughly 2600 ) you have to know what your doing ( I chose A )." He even did the little air quotes.And, what are you gonna do with this thing?At 7:14 the kid should have moved his rook to H6.Just wait, and Liang will hand it to u.

Dhkzlxkxoxh uchxisowpsl.4:04 Whatpowder.Lua from roblox!Should've formally introduced the OR gate and then built up the XOR gate from AND and OR gates.What Mustafa Gambit said - I'm not a chess teacher, but every video you show has great instruction.Oh well nobody sees these comments on old vids anyway.Gracias por tus videos."Screw it, let's just play the King's Indian.I am terrible btw, but can someone explain?I called it first!

A crushing move,what do you think?

A crushing move,what do you think?

You replying to every comment is so wholesome I love you.Keep up the great work.It's the music i heard when u said he announced mate in 5!This man really remembered a game from when he was 12.Rebecca Harris is Daniel Naroditsky!Hi Moe12:45 sounds like voice can't make it out13:12 man yells hey12:50 a hiss19:03 faint voices a strange noise like a squeal19:56 bang21:19 kids voices?Possible moves outnumber stars in the universe, no computer can calculate them all.

Abanoub Ibrahim

very informativethank you

Adrian-Cornel Borin

why didn't anyone try the inverted calculator? with 0 at the top?


me trying to obliviate myself

Greer Fried

Another possibility is to play Be4 at 4:46 and start the W technique, followed by Bh7 and Ne5 etc.

Tom Walters

Where was the checkmate?

Claudia’s Rathke’s



I’m rated 1100 and get tougher opponents


"I think I could definitly do a better job if I were to do it again, but I'm really not sure I ever would, but you never know, maybe".Oh, if I had a dime for every time I said that.

Nimi's busy Kitchen

Nosil number please

Whiteys Workshop

Nice work! The finish looks great, what was the final pitch? .003, .005?

B Harmon

Great video.......but please lose the cheesy info-mercials.

S’s Klyrics

Who are these clowns LMAOO NO

Mrk entertainment



This is epic! That wizard of Oz scene was SAVAGE!

jin Nee

Hero Angeles...........ikw pla yn.....ganda ng story..

cuong tv

L Quang Lim nh hay tht

Christopher Dolan

Best video in awhile!


my worst fears have been realized. I started playing on lichess yesterday and have lost every game I tried. probably 30 games or so total. I don't even understand how people finish hyper bullet games. I run out of time even if I'm just blindly moving pieces as fast as I can. I am really blown away at how bad I am compared to everyone else on there.

Anita G

Best explanation now it's clear to me

CT Lin

Top performance! Thanks-a-million!


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