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Matlakov's Missed Win vs Magnus: | World Rapid & Blitz 2019

Also who is "they".Hence can determine the ones with charge before putting it in to the torch.Hey agad, you pronounced gioco piano properly the first time you said it.I don't know if that's a crazy thing to do, or if there's a better way to use a bandsaw for preparing material, but that's what I do.What would happen if Black moves his g7 pawn and gives up his queen when the White's queen was on c7?

Super efekt-robi wrazenie.Only thing I would have done different would be to wipe off the epoxy under bottom edges of the table as I was pouring the epoxy to save myself the extra job of having to saw off the dried epoxy.Post me the site you played.Great job showing in detail the basics of making a solid Woodworking Bench.Synonym(s) Orangutan OpeningPolish OpeningHunt OpeningHis games are just way too awesome.Yay another morphy lecture.Constant harassment.

ChessNetwork is the best youtube channel for learning chess.But that's not a theory.Funny how that works.States to avoid: Washington.Super good teacher!Would you review John Cochrane vs Maheshchunder Banerjee.I might as well do something good with it!

Could you do it

Could you do it

I don't know why I like this guy so much but I'm sure he does.Its funny how such little ammount of peaces can be so complicated Chess.Jonathon the forklift driver wAs hot.Shopkeeper has bag 2002.This would also be fun with ultraviolet LEDs making the Stars light up by themselves without any visible source of light !It's the same as when people use the term incumbent outside of politics.Of the many items of interest to which one could possibly draw attention, you chose an obscure detail in the background of an approximately 50 year oldadvertisement.

Adoption is fun

Adoption is fun

This game is the definition of you blink, you lose.Nothing All are beginners Waste of time.You showed you are a real GM unlike some other youtubers :D.It is GreatWe have 1600  Amazing Plans and Designs to suit your Dreams and BudgetRefer:.We don't need more physicists.

Jarvis ruled it.Jerkasmo Come on man.I had an awesome game, and I had some brilliant and cool moves!Keep 'em coming, Mato!Great idea and great design.I see ender and anycubic everywhere, but I have never seen a prusa in real life.

Another great restoration.

Another great restoration.

Hello guys I'm from Iran,do you know that Para-Olympic chess is going on in Jakarta and India is doing well?(Philidor's Defence) Or the blindfolded games at New Orleans.Very nice puzzle.On the flip side if one was playing as black and was in there position against white, how would black win?Do they reset Alpha to his basic knowledge in chess every game.You never know who can be controlling the remote.I recognized all the players.More willing to abide than any faithful dog.WOW I am dumfounded, that was fantastic.

Koa senpai

that laugh right there is the new meta tbh

Aaryaan da best

Can you take the suit home


Its wetter than water cuz water isn't even wet.

Lord of Skag


Clown Whisper

You can get a lot of good work done with a 110 MIG welder. But I will never go back now I didn't go all out and get myself a Miller or anything like that but I did get the Hobart professional line and I hooked it up to 220 and man what a difference. Most of the time I have to dial back the power cuz I'm giving it too much. I have yet to run out of power on this thing and it's absolutely beautiful

Georgi Titov

1:55 Checking out some ass.

Dominic Cervantes

Question: sounds remotely gay Eugene: ALWAYS BET ON GAY, NICK


you look young.. cooool

john cho

lasker was trolling this game.


I dont believe in dragon

Pi Jay

Hikaru, come on! How you did so many wrong moves? You can beat Carlsen if you be relax


Why does it want to move E4 to E5? Is it even a legal move?!


Hey John, i want you to know that thanks to this video, the opera house game has become the first chess game i ever memorized too :D thank you for that man.

Rafael Bretas

PEEK is also one of the safest choices for biomedical applications, such as long term body-implants. It can be autoclaved, shows no adverse reaction to the body, shows osseointegration (great for bone implants), is MRI-compatible (unlike titanium and tungsten that can cause artifacts and noise despite being safe) and is stronger (less brittle?) than ceramics.The cost is also rather low compared to the alternatives (medical grade stainless steel, platinum, titanium, tungsten, zirconia ceramic...), being also easy and cheap to machine with high precision (or 3D printed!).

Khi Bp

Where did you get your little dust spoon so cute


Someone should get Henry Segerman make a 3D version of this.

Trixster Million

The hell with computer parts I'm buying MREs and ammunition and tracking down Mother Abigail.

crane l

Could your company get a hold of meI like what your doing with CNC machines and training I want to open my own shop.

Cowboy 8625

I’m so confused on how you made the console have pixels.I have searched and search on how to change the font size programicly and every time I come up blank!

Subject TV

can this comment gets 158,962,555,217,826,360,000 likes


You should do a Korean War

Christian Yanila

Bkit kc ang dami naninira s isang masayang relasyon..huhu naalala ko ung ex ko..gusto ko kmi pdin.sana naniwala xa sakin at sana kmi pdin

bobby boucher

and you need that cream cheesefilling,what did you do. jam?????? SHAME!!!

Lazy !

well, i found Akiba moves, we think the same way but im bad and he is good LUL

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