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Nice to see real furneture being made.6:52 I guess the word might be "rocca" which is the short name for "roccaforte" which can be translated into "fortress" or "stronghold".Got laid off couple months back but the learning never stops.Either you're the favorite with definitive proof of being the favorite, which is great, or you're not the favorite but dead, so you don't have to live with being the least favorite, and that's okay too.What is the weightof.Very nice video really it ammazing.The entire time they were reading out the thirsty comments I was laughing so hard I started crying and I died internally.

I cannot Stand China.

I cannot Stand China.

I had never exactly thought about that idea before, but I have already used that concept when playing speed games to make some simple decisions.An Exemption to that rule of not moving a piece twice is the fried liver attack, where the knight moves two times consecutively.You dont need any of this trash.At least till you get that FFS moment.See a better move would have been.27:50 "What should I do then?

This tourney is mad hard jheez.Awesome Really Inspiring.Isnt that mate in 2?People actually wanting to learn to play chess because almost everybody in their class does, and they wanna impress their crush?Why does the opponent castle with the right side instead of the left?

Your videos look like geocities vomit wowwww.

Your videos look like geocities vomit wowwww.

Like and subscribe friend!Not sure if when i do it ill take the same approach as i want it to be more functional than a project, but this is great.Ate brendawow galing umarte.I wus born in 2010.Those bishops are the real representation of the church.People emptied crap out the window on the street,they didn't have indoors running water.Any plans available?I did the betrayal :(.I had never seen a game played before where both players were commentating on their moves.

Vishnu Pandrangi

This is like Thor explaining about reality stone in Endgame. lol.No offense.

Mike Garner

I see this has been asked a few times but haven't seen answer.... Qb4 O-O Nxe4 Bxe4 (rather than Nxe4 leading to mate).  Then?

JoJo Bar



took me 10 minutes to stop it in the exact frame! 11:22!!!

joseph crosby mecham

This is one of the few times that I got bored or distracted when this piece first appeared. I just now finished it and cursed myself for a fool for not having the patience to finish it the first time. Great video.


As alwayss no skip ads

Bmo Dex

Open Pitch... "Are you a gambler?"

Joel Drury

Looks amazing!!!!!


That was so funny. You just never know who's on the other side

Loony NY

John John got that 2-1

Korby Waters

Do you still make custom bought you something like that one, I always like a stick that can’t be replicated

Brandon Martinez

lazimofo90 Because I have watched both of their games and I can tell Jerry is the better player?


As i said in anotherpost if I could create a senario..Id have Murphy and Fisher born twin brothers ..and have documentation of all their games growing up together...

Marty Schlosser

A few comments:1. When you got to the point where you were placing two pieces of wood into the steamer, you should have set them on edge rather than flat on the dowels.That way the steam could have more readily been able to circulate around the two pieces of wood.2.The two "ski pieces" are called "runners"...

Angelyca Robbson

Me crying that Eugene named the new adopted dog Kimba

Always Rage

Phara readin these comments mad as hell lol

Richie Lew

"the sith lord vs jar jar binks" hahahhahha

Ravi talent mama

Please explain in telugu

Casey T

When you have to specify which queen captured your pawn, you probably aren’t going to win the game

Bestryful HD

When I was watching the video I was thinking how ignorant am I and feeling soo stupid .. but when I scroled to the comments .. I felt am not that stupid hahaha

Anthony Kernich

pi is not a number, it is just a ratio

Ujjval Verma

Anand has done the great damage... carlsen hopefully had a sleepless night though.Next game gonna be very interesting now... and this series is something different from the last year. Overconfidence seems to be on the head of Carlsen so he is gonna be out of mind soon. Better he starts seeing Anand a real competition soon before his blind eye turns deaf !

King Jacob

So both players aren’t sitting there for 15 minutes trying to Figure out who’s turn it is.

Emma and Leone

If euegene was a bartender some people would go to the bar to see him mix up some cocktails because just like keith says "he looks hot"XD

nimra Chundrigar

R apny jo btrflys bnai hn wo white chocolate ko melt kr k bnai h ya phr ks trhn pls tell me.


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