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Miami Dice: Space Base

I had 1 of these given to me back in the mid 90’s being a raver I absolutely loved it!I laughed when I saw the killer move.Ted explain me how would you carry a chubby to space.Can I get 20 likes my bffs dad died.I’ve watched a few of Svidler’s banters and as dominating as he usually is, I gotta say Carlsen is clearly next level, like, he makes it look sooo easy, even if he’s facing a clearly solid GM andor he’s in a time scramble.But yeah, that and just looking at the people i grew up with, watching them change before my eyes and move on with their happier early 20's.

The upwards platform move

The upwards platform move

You're a magician.In the starting king and queen r wrong placed.Stunning, amazing, awesome.I bet you got 3 pizzas and a lot of boxes.No one gonna mention penguin has 3200.Flood coat of self leveling resin to give it a sort of 3-dimensional appeal and make the colors really POP!10:42 what if Queen to e1.Then when you glue in the brass parts, before you clamp it up, rub the fine sawdust into all of the cracks around wherever the brass touches the wood.And everything else seems to be done exactly the same.

Yet it is said that anybody can improve so I don't understand.Keep up the good work.Little help here.Was there a top part?They're jellyfish aren't they?The furniture is beautiful, as always, but I'm here for the videos themselves.

There is a ted ed riddle about

There is a ted ed riddle about

Hello everyone and in this position i hope we all have a nice day.Will sandblasting smooth out the wrinkles on my face?Therefore the girl wins if she's the one to call the arbiter.Always wanted to meet you in person.I only lost bc the wood for my car was old and a piece near the wheel flaked off and threw a wheel off.2:03:02 BigMak2500 is a genius.The way that he explains is just amazing and relaxing!Pluto is my favorite PLANET!

Hey code explained, I'm not sure

Hey code explained, I'm not sure

I imagine there are a thousand cutting board threads there.Staircase checkmate.The diagonal of queen is flexible 9:38.I've always loved quadratics but this was so hard to follow.Kya eto nalayo un loob ko sa kanila, namuhay mag isa at nag iisa sa buhay.

Dear God that was bad.

Dear God that was bad.

They were all convinced I’d treated the timber with a polymer or something!Friends don't let friends buy HP.A great game by Bobby Fischer.I just subscribed bro you got skills.Best you'll say that.

trishowsky 1337

my man Eric had a stroke at 2:12:56 lmao

Rafael Snchez

No pinche qlo haces trampa

R Guru

Guys plz! Song title at the beginning??? Great sound!

Spartan Spartanov

Really great job!!!

Matt Byington

Great video patty still a creepy house


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