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Michael Adams vs Magnus Carlsen - Olympiad 2010 - Pt 1 - Modern Defense - Norwegian (B06)

Awesome public speaking!Tal is the best Player of all time.How come in the beginning of the game, Magnus did not check with queen and take black bishop?

So glad the finish is making a come back and becoming popular again!Is it wrong to put this in my "watch later" list?I remember the radio commercial well.

Thank you for this video, and free plans.In 31:31, if king takes knight, queen could also go f6 (check), then queen would lose rook anyway.The ultimate grandfather paradox: A tool being used to machine itself.I was taking silvers for bernie to the polls in maine today.Practicing changes nothing.If planets are formed from supernovae's debris, then everything on Earth's from the exploded star, not just gold.MMK: Ice Candy (2017) Main Cast: Bela Padilla, with Supporting Cast: Mickey Ferriols, Jordan Herrera, Boom Labrusca and Ashley Sarmiento.

That wouldn't lose any tempo would it?I am done with the arrogance you never respond to your comments You Limmie.3:01 was tricky and would have been an embarrassing mate, had he played Bxd4.Thanks ChessNetwork I enjoyed it.I'm glad i'm not the only one that remembers that line.What a fantastic victory against level 20 Komodo.Nakamura got manhandled in both finals of the speed chess championships, 2016 2017.Magnus might be the GOAT.Just had to get the racist part of everything involved!And the sound is full of echo.

KeralaNeedsYourSupportStandWithKeralaKeralaFloodsAs you may know, Kerala,

KeralaNeedsYourSupportStandWithKeralaKeralaFloodsAs you may know, Kerala,

Karjakin himself even refuted kf3.Keep the Bishop on the b1-h7 diagonal.Keep it up mate!Would it make sense to start with a 100 tooth gear?What blade are you using on the table saw?Pitiful effort lmao.I have a question: Why did you decided to use welding and not Loctite gluing?

27and after 107 moves it says 0.Captures captures my attention Honestly,this game is gem!Marami akong na realize sa sarili ko pagkatapos ko mapanood ito last saturday.Bob likewise knows there are 10 or 12 that Alice could see.Moe: Maybe this was a bad idea.Tried a few fancy pills over there Anna, did we?

Hi, can someone say me who won this play?Best water surface I’ve ever seen.This song made me cry I was graduating kindergarden and my BEST FREIND was leaving my shcool I still drive the 5 hours to see him."Massacre at McDonald's" so, like, a normal day?How do you handle the air bubbles after the fondant has been set on the cake?I also prefer to strop for final edge, but if ya do, don't waste that 60,000 grit as its finer than the strop :-) As always, good video and thanks for sharing.Imagine if we had advanced technology that we could hear other top players thoughts on the game, during the game, in tournaments.Don't have a picture of my sister's currently, but it is in my shop waiting for its final sanding after repair.


Its like me vs doki


That was one baaaad bishop!Incredible precision / imagination from Carlsen. This win streak might be even more impressive than Caruana's!

taarak mehta ka ooltah chashmah 2

which knife are u using tell me the name????

Nathan Bowden


Karthick S

Can i get a link to watch in tamil??

r2d2 r2d2

This kid thinks it called Harry Potter world it’s called the Wizarding world of Harry Potter dumb dumb

Pete Davies

Most boring video you've ever done? Shame you weren't boring a head too? Next video?

C. C.

another one that got Firouzjated!

Sakib Abrar

Finally I am owner of something before you even reviewed it. So proud of myself.

Davi Pereira

The one on the right I hate people like that they keep doing eye for an eye

Graham Harpole

How does the knight to c6 prevent the Queen to b4?

jorge vargas

Woo! That'sa fantastic projectsr ,congratulations!

Saint Kenny

You put some humor in it, when you had problems. In the end you did an amazing job! I hope my first time goes well. :P

Jose Bert

0:07. the way he tells reminds me of Joker in Dark knight.

Peter Pan

Apparently there are elves working in his shop..


Rory talking like he's single


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