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Thanks for your great coverage and commentary.The Great Wall Of Chess.Thus, in the real world of experience, pi may not be irrational, and this makes sense -- as all we can measure are rational numbers.I got inside information what means agadmators name.You missed something so BIG at 16:11.1:36:41 the moment i have been waiting for whole life.Me and my grandpa built a hollow body SG with the red special phase switches but mine is not red it's black with a green pickguard and it sounds amazing the neck is a 22 fret and a triangle head I got some inspiration from the red special.Whoopi has such a nice role in this story.

22:15 Comcast gambit?

22:15 Comcast gambit?

Watch its a draw.Bonjouriltravail bien cette hommeil a du bon materiel et avec toute lafamillesuperet un atelierbienranger.This video is like the whole series a didactical masterpiece.First the header should be checked for level at the side jambs.Rook to h5 checkmate.

I stop watching after

I stop watching after

At 10:34, when Parham pushed his queen, There was a two-move checkmate for the taking that Ivan missed.The right person to put in the white house.Bobby's last years kinda cringe doe.I'm at about his rating, I'm glad that I though rook D7.Amazing how he made that lose ring halfway the table leg (or whatever he's making).

I wonder if the SPICY nerds can work on my bullies and fake friend.Liked it that way more actually.Bardzo adny mebel.Gracias por compartir esos conocimientos.It is motivational useful to stay specialized earlier on in your career.That’s amazing, definitely going to check out Millclock!YouTube me indicou isso, s vi 100 vdeos do baianinho.Eric is really doing groundwork for his alternative career choice as a toothpaste dealer.Hi, welcome my child.

Can I pls have

Can I pls have

  Keep up the Great Work!Came to watch ben, stayed for ken wes.And all the various woods burnt and smoked throughout the whole process.Not sure why they are still a thing.Looks like at the start at around 4:40 there is a incorrect positioning narrations for pawns, video say a1 to h1 instead of a2 to h2.Why 'm I watching this shit high asf in the middle of the night.Let the river run.

Thats all i can say.  All in all, a very sour and limp wristed way to lose your title.15 minsEverytime anywhereI ll be there 15 mins b4 the time.I'm gonna enjoy it while I have it.How did he realise this before the serve ball even went down to hit the racket?4:54 favorite part.Excellent content, with TV-quality shots and editing.Because there are pieces on those files.I can watch the whole episoda again and again.13:39 "what's he smoking"He's 12 years old so probably nothing lmao.


A lot of words are coming out of danny but not actually saying anything. Why cant we get Simon on the show?

Warping Nawrwhal

Cabbages can't swim. Even if they're broccoli.

Andre Rizki



sou mais o baianinho


god like

Pratyush Kumar

Amazing and I love it .........

I Iz

4:54 When someone dies in Jojo

Scrappy,chris DeBo Doo

Tampons MOE LMAO


9:51 ... that whisper

Karlos Tjuroukei

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