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Mikhail Tal sacrificing ALL his pieces – from pawn to queen!

The other moe is kinda hot.So, the 2nd stalkers wife apparently stayed with him, even though he was stalking women.Well I don't think the 1 - 1 1 - 1 1 -.For those thinking of doing the same thingI cant stress enough that no matter what, always lightly seal your piece before your finish.Where the f you got 6000 years old oak?We need more of you in the world.Y explicas genial.He's n excellent artist I must say.

Excelente video.

Excelente video.

Any disturbance of that paint would create lead dust which is extremely dangerous (especially to children).And it's only this type of Coloured, the one who acknowledges our collective reality while still being proud of who we are, whose truly able to turn the tide in our communities.In the first move (two ply) there are 20 possibilities for each player.Can’t wait for the rematch on April 22, 2019!Turned out wonderful!

Did this dude just admit he deletes comments?Even though it converges to 1 as x approaches - 0 (real plane), 8:53 as x approaches 0 from any path on the imaginary plane, xx does not converge to 1.Here's my topic:.That's a big pawn.Isn't this guy only like 1800?He just took down grischuk.Me:Vat19Jamie:fat19.I Like CheckMato.Kakakilig sila panuorin.Cheers from mexico.

You should sell your work.

You should sell your work.

Any DVD you would recommend for the Alekhine defense?So the pawn can't move.The good one says Samsung the bad one says iPhone.I just retired and I set up a shop where I look for and find antique furniture and other pieces that I restore and sell.But I don't know why ppl give a thumbs down.)I hope you at least own stock in Titebond.And where can I buy thouse things what you have put on them in the end?Bad parenting is the biggest impediment to a child’s talent.I am always repurposing things.

Or maybe its the other way around, either way, Let it be noted to the architect.Very good i like it.What heart and guts by Duda.At 1:57:55 why is Peng so upset?Girl: makes oven less browniesrick n morty fans: laughs in kroninberge.I don’t know why am here but I have been watching 5 videos just now and I keep slide to the end to see who wins at the end haha.

And not talking about a couple hundred dollars or whatever.TrickyMate must have been cheating: his moves were WAY better and faster than a 1400 player's moves should have been.I love how utterly confused the cars get when they exit the track haha.How can anyone dislike ?Chess noob questions here but at 33:10 with the board setup as it is and Blacks move Ben says he resigns after going over a few possible moves that would've checkmated him.I’ve been in a suicidal state of mind recently and you’re helping me.5:32 Parker square.Less work better product.Ugh, lets change the face of South Africa.

Datu Puti

i love this opening.. i think it works for 2500 below

Dylan Li

Iskall's slime farm: Am I a joke to you?

Kulsum Jaffari

Can I add buttermilk instead of milk?


bantu sub my chanel

Scratch Pad

1:14Put another way, your Nintendo 3DS basically runs a virtual machine with the original DS code under the hood.

Gene Pavlovsky

The knife looks lively and it seems to carve very well! Easy to see how the scandi/full flat grind gives great control for carving.The how-to video is so well made (like your other videos)!The method of making a tapered ferrule looks very time-consuming, mostly the amount of filing that was necessary at the end - and even then in my opinion the ferrule remained too thick (at least visually looks like that). I wonder if it would be to use make some kind of die or a cone to swage a cylindrical ferrule (just a length of tubing) into a tapered shape? Perhaps using a tool similar to what jewelers use to resize rings.


"H4 the plan is very simple, I'm just going to checkmate him" ....................... and then beat some other GM mug, presumably


Agad, try using translator in the future. It is waaaaaay better than google translator.

Thomas Carney

I have read the books 29


Those Red and Silver games are sooo nice. Very jealous over here right now.


Spent almost exactly 1 work week doing this.

Chandler C

considering the video I saw on here about benford's law make it better to put it like the calculator where the 1 2 3 is at the bottom next to the zero. since there's like a 30 percent chance a 1 will get chosen.

Alex H

T is not just a Utah thing BOOMER

Collin Obrien

Great vid MAKE MORE

Chris Barrett

Wow. You blow me away every video! This is my favorite!


I think if you learned how to make molds, you'd save yourself a lot of trouble. And sanding, lol

Magzy Dark

Hello hikura

Erik Von Handorf

Outstanding explanation. Full of knowledge and potential, with just the right dose of patience

Peter Siegfried Krug

great video!

It’s ChrisPlayz 52

How can you build a 4d chess set if 4d is hight X width X length X time


Eugene is to good at shaking

yeh yeh bla bla nah nah

Hilarious and entertaining story!


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