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Sir pls Paul Ceres ke game ki video banao pls.Godbless you boy.This is pretty cool, you should do a Lego action shot.the good stuff.Im new to it and found it very clear and easy to pick up.

Just don't hit the batteryyyyyyyyyyyy.

Just don't hit the batteryyyyyyyyyyyy.

Ur mouse end ur animation are the best.Do you go Alekhine or Tal ?Excellent fabrication work!If you could somehow make your intro less than zero seconds it would be even better.Music was atrocious.Right now I am supposed to work on my paper but no I am watching this video.Oh sorry about the probably lolol.Just bought this game for $2.The guy even talks about a dead GM but offers no sign of respect.

Great work, but you desperately need an editor for your video.As your leaving coming down the stairs there's a shadow figure darts across at the bottom of the stairs.Was the all the taxes mentioned actual taxes.Bb6 with a discovered check wins the queen, does it not!Thanksfor sharing.I made business cards that read "Anglo-Saxon really smart dude" now.The only piece that a queen cannot move as is a Knight !00:19 jajaka cool.The correct answer is:"I don't know".

I didnt know Many Pacquiao was a great chess playeryou can put this game in your agenda would be great.What on earth are you talking about ?That actually made a lot of sense.So, it’s better to play this and end up resigning after struggling for 20 more moves.I am dirt poor rn but in a couple months if i manage to sell anything it'd be great to be able to buy some proper sharpening stuff, i'm currently using normal sandpaper and not getting very good results.

Art Geometrix

Possibly one of the best tacticians who ever lived.

Shane Dich

Good advice! Thanks, really enjoying your videos!

Chris McCarthy

Thanks.Very useful strategy

Can Karata

Why anand always seems nervous???

Elti Marku

Great game , without seeing


I'm not very smart, I'm not all that great with math but I have a question for someone that is a little more in tune.I bought a lottery ticket, there's 40 numbers that could be called. You need to land 6 numbers and a special number from 1-9. Statistically, the chances of winning are practically impossible. My query is how do people 'actually' win, if there's only a pool of say a million people yet a couple people may win the jackpot how is that mathematically possible due to the small pool of people to the borderline statistic impossibility?

michael holland

youre like the foreign guys from family guy.


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