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I glad he not our God.At 6:06 like Lincoln said vroom vroom.I can see the waves as if the top is cut at different thickness!Was gonna watch this to help me, but the race im doing is on a flat surface.The genius, the legend.

I know all this game in my head because he won )) and ye ( he could get queen away, but he was not play for material, he played for win, and his opponent resigned.Im sorry of you get this too much.This dudes voice is so fucking perfect hahahaha killing it dude.Not exactly "High-tech electronics" though, is it?I do speedrun everyday.It's really interesting that there's a simple pattern in the denominators themselves as well here.It's been slow going, but it's coming soon, and will forever be a work in progress.And then the garage floor wasn't level.

The music was edited later right?Thanks for taking the time to produce this video.I'm sure the King takes Queen wasn't bugged in our version.Best comment section on YouTube!Gettho people should be controlled on wether or not we allow them to have kids.Who is watching his old video's and watching to newest video's?Great commentating!There is a small probability that it could take a billion days.My favorite video so far.Magnus is king of all formats.

Also with landing a fork on the Rook and Queen, with the possibility to also grab the a6 pawn.I must say ted ed, that is some brie-lliant word play.Who yes create dick resins.Thanks for sharing!Dxc3, you have to explain why Nxc6 intermetzzo is possible, if you never give some variations there is no point to talk in your video !The laser effect should have been recorded with a high speed camera, to see the effect in super slomo!Very nice video,saved it for future reference.Maybe he turned engine off in 26:35, playing fast.It simpifies a lot of things for me.Probably happens to surgeons, only then people die.

Watching this makes me feel so old.So only d4 d6 d8 d12 d20 are fair?And smells when cut into.Not having any luck finding local suppliers who carry walnut and ash blanks, so maybe you have a recommendation for an online supplier?After punching him in the face.You have improved my chess a lot.

Is that spongebob?But your really bad.1:44 Just a flesh wound.I wonder if he'll ever be able to show up to it again.Go'to'frans'and'karprntryskol'''''''''mai'gad'jts'sirkus.


These boards are fantastic!Is there any plan on how you cut the widths recut?I just can't wrap my head around this.

Kavitha Kavithasanmugam

Corn flour can uh sis

Piet Muijs

Nicely done! Maybe little safety guard would be nice as well?

Kristal Brown

Don't take your hands of Ouija board


5:43 he is wearing a Richmond flying squirrels shirt

Jeffrey LaPuente

Your disassembly methods are so delicate, like a flower swaying in a gentle F5 tornado

How We Do Disney



Congratulations, you are an excellent replacer of webcams. -agadmator


Having a great Character and being a good Person the Heart full of Brave and Honor is timeless ... Wherever you are ...

Fred Ferd

What about the Hardee Hole and the Pritchell Hole???

Scott Kniss

"Stone knives and bearskins..."   LOL   You're my kind of woodworker, Steve!!!


These videos are addicting in the same way watching planes take off and land are. Subbed


At 8:44 why won't the queen take the rook on A8 it is supported by the bishop on G2. White could go up in material. 

Rich X

Trump has imposed bandaid border protections. Screening has been slow to be deployed. Shutting the gate after the horse has bolted. Little skilful leadership is evident from this Government. The American People will be the losers. Too slow too slow. Trump was predicting that the 15 cases would dwindle to zero - what a joke. If two percent of just half of the US population were to die that would be catastrophic. This is a serious problem and it needs serious leadership.

Basil Guts

Yes, my friend,excellent process and final work.

ramesh g

I want to win against my mothef


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