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Mini Masterclass on Chess Principles || Morphy vs Meek (1857)

They just made one complete Bare Grylls episode.Stares in disbeliefSeriously though great job!You, sir, are a brave man, slightly insane and pretty damn good on a lathe.

Does he need his own channel?This i a very beautiful video.Instead we got a beautiful and unusual end product.

The second person found 4a coconuts, and following the same action we have that 4a 5b1, and so on and so forth.  My current home won't accommodate the Jet 208HH." It's your signature dish, man!Missmurrydesign.From MS, in memphis now.Those simple people had no clue what they are facing and didn’t know that Red Army is unbeatable’ so they did what they always do.And if only 2 destroyed, could the Japanese counter-attack possibly have threatened Enterprise or Hornet instead of just Yorktown?This looks like a GTA mission.I refuse to buy a shirt with Gucci on it 350$.

I must have missed your comment linking the video on reddit, awesome stuff man love this video :).Please do a 100,000,000 views video special!Oh my goodness, how VERY unINTERESTING.Fried Liver SECRET trickLMAO, ROFL, LOLAlso, some of the variations were either presented hastily like "you should easily win from here" or were presented with "assumed" but not "best" moves for White or Black.I just got 1 question tho, how did you have 10 maximum heroes?

So it's basically

So it's basically

Qf8 then black play Bg8 then white play Qf6 check then he was not option he want to cut queen with bishop on f6 then white B capture Bf6 checkmate.Number of 52-card deck shuffles is 1068.To Greenland it is!Every fucking list is same.Then I saw Ne5 Kb4 Bd2.I love but I am noob in dyrrorth.

Can’t begin to guess

Can’t begin to guess

(n -n) will give you the rightmost 1, combined with a bitshift left and an AND-mask you'll get this:bool isPeak (((n -n) 1) n)I didn't though of this one myself, got it from wikipedia.Honestly this is a masterpiece.U just got a new sub.Jerry you're a bloody genius.Ngerap kali bang?And he is still ok.Should I be worried that as soon as he said the first two ingredients I instantly thought 'Thermite'?

 By the way here's a puzzle that not only applies for us economists trying to gain relevancy in our model's predictions, but clearly in this case as well:  What does an economist do to get out if he falls in a deep well that has no ladder?I like the historical context.(I don't say that lightly either - I'm English!Scoutcm Nail gun :D!I don't play chess and i don't really understand what you are talking about but i love watching your videos for some strange reasons.It just needs two extra input variables telling whether turning left or right would end up in a closed loop, e.Just came to check this puzzle out.

Steve Kelly

Lazy Germans pressing the same repeated key to finish the message length.Bored, but just press DDDDDDD and it gave away the code.

Don Donaldson

The great thing about this spokeshave is that when you make a second one, you can then use each to shape the handles of the other!

Musa Mert Ferik

Amn siktiminin salaklar gelmi laf atyosunuz adam burda bize biler katmak iin uram heves etmi siz ordan siktiri boktan yorumlar atyosunuz. Ustaysanz siktirin gidin izlemeyin amk


this is art! :O

dima hmel

2:30:33 here whites should move the queen to h5 and threatened mate and if blacks protecting then whites take bishop to d5 and 2 then for whites. Am I right? or I miss something? Even f5 move for blacks doesn't help a bit. Because bishop takes f5, rook takes f5, queen takes f5.


Fascinating aging video, eventhough I will probably never make this box.Video is clear and concise. Straight to the point. No "hey guys, wassup' followed by bullshit like in so many YouTube vids.I don't understand the huge amounts of dislikes: it's a beautiful result and if someone e isn't interested in it just move on. But then again....its a free country.Thanks for the vid

Simon Ahnberg

"i think it looks pretty good" ?? OMG!! Its amazing!! Not "pretty good" :P

Bikram Deb Bhattacharya

That's "Scammander" Not "Salamander"


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