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Mississippi Mud Cake - Best Cake Ever

Life is strange 2 u.What are you spraying on the ring.Loved the voice of Pia from Dye Mansion.

DAMN THE TAKE OVER.When I analyzed the position shown at 11:57 with SF9, it shows that if white pushes c6 (as Ivanchuk guessed) white can force a draw.Computer :we play chess better than human.That's all i'm saying.Will approve after we in japan.And black is on top (the queen can't be taken due to back rank mate).I wish this was in the final game.

I think those are Wegiel's chess sets.Very suspicious!I got an hacker who helped me bypass his phone and got it cloned.1:15 OK but - musician and chess master who HASN'T heard of the musical "Chess"?Does anyone remember when this music video was nearly banned?

Just reading title, table saw should always be 1.Tal ripped open the opponent's strategy.The commentary from 33:43 to 34:38 is god-tier.Can we whip egg white and yolk together.Its a funny looking cheeseboard.

I was more terrified not to see dropping

I was more terrified not to see dropping

How do you measure the wall thickness while hollowing it out?Germans is specialists for gliders, aviscion, but money and resources.How you did this game is great!I get access to activities like Facebook, Email, WhatsApp, calls, Skype and others.Genius expresses itself in many ways.

What happens if I ask you for insurance?Honestly pretty dissapointed that you didn't test the strength your creation with your signature move.At 1:15 why not just fork the kindrook with his b5 night?Geechi might 30-0 twork.Any one else ever think about buying one of those osolating sanders just to sit on it, with the sanding drum removed and something else in its place ovecourse.This is pure genius.I am sure ding didn't underestimate you 1 bit.Making excuses we were poor nobody gave a damn!The flour of yogurt bread is actually quite ncie as a flat bread, obviously it takes a bit of baking powder and some seasoning as well, but its not a complete dead end of a recipe.Thanks for these videos!

Dan Thefan

Oh I get it so face mask don't work but the nurses need them because they don't work how does that make sense? Sounds like BS

Pabalelo Ramme

Wish it was me I wouldn't even regret it

Nick Callahan



4:58 Forget Fire Emblem, this guy created the REAL anime chess.


In case someone doesn't have cinemachine installed, the way I got it was Window -> Package Manager -> CineMachine


Magnus seems so unmotivated and bored when he plays chess. It’s very weird. Seems like he doesn’t enjoy it at all or like he’s being forced to.

Francisc Vasile

Nice project. but the wristwatch is also nice. Please tell me what make and model is it? Thank you!


Zach, hearing the commenter saying they don't want him to get married: :DZach, hearing that they're 13: :D :() :0 :o

Kenneth McRonald

Play the Bird openning

qusai the apex predoter

I got 57.3333333 forever

Sooper 8

I found this method on a shaving forum, for sharpening my cut throat razor, a few years back and it revolutionised things for me

Why Me

I guess I am confused about something. First it's a good idea and it looks nice, but I wonder what do you do when one of the LED lights goes out? Do you throw it away. Wouldn't it been better to separate the resin from the lights just in case you had to replace the lighted base using something like a clear plastic. That way if the chinese lights burn out, short out, or just quit working you could replace them. As we all know things coming from china dont last that long, mainly electrical items. I am just curious, I do like the plan though.

Christopher Savignon

I can remember every digit of 1/3 far beyond the 40,000th.

Aisha x Ni’ma

I’d def rather be early Gifting my next 10 subscribersYou really don’t wanna miss


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