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Mistake to select Wanwan Jungle Emblem... but EUREKA!?

But in the "real world", traditionally it's the "process" engineering group that is task to do all the design calculations for equipment sizing (pump, turbines, vessel, etc), pipe sizing (involving fluid flow, friction, kinetics, etc), hydraulics, fluid dynamics, heat and mass balance analysis of fluids, hydraulic analysis, etc.Like this: Where is an empty or not important space, is a warrior from the attackers, is the King, and is a King's Square.If you find a fool proof way, please share.Comedy film ane.When the camera cut to the fake beard i immediately remembered an episode of Home Improvement where Tim Taylors shirt gets ripped off by a Lathe on Tool Time.

I noticed interference

I noticed interference

I find youre the best at explaining games and breaking them down.Mukha nang contruction worker.Tqs for a beautiful cake.707 would be the average distance from the center of all the throws).2311 and Harder Materials Why so slow ?This could be nice hanging on a wall and playing itself :) This would also solve your space problem.It's the devil's penis and he is peeing.John Williams and J.

Congratulations on wining by the way.Cross-compatible games will be the norm in 5-10 years and i cant fucking wait!This is the first time a chess game made my heart raise.My high school uses these.I don't like it when the girl is looking at the cemera.I'm a professional fisherman, this guy did bet on one game of chess, two months of my salary, money i made risking my life bringing fish back to feed people ( including chess players ).A very clean install!I think I can confidently say that, nobody considers how the family were informed about the death, was appropriate.Its funny, I always wanted to do this for years :).

Damn royce a lot dumber then i thought.I'm seeking a loan of $350,000.Watching this made me feel smart because it’s like the only thing I’ve understood from calculus so fsr.Wouldn't it be infinite?Did he pay him to have him in the video?

Semplicemente bellissimo.Lol I went to comment "these are the most exciting commentators of chess i've ever heard!I might make a dedicated marking knife.If i see another 45 min lecture with ben finegold fist pumping im gonna cut my chessboard in half.I had to Google undertaker.What domino size would you recommendfor 18 mm ply?


it looks chess players are not very honest because they use a phrase "if i am honest.." so much.:P

Matare Macaundas

Ang gowapo ni aljur ehehhehe

Easy Lord

I don't like this commentary things


Very happy that you make money wood working.

Cameron Smith

Nice hoodie agad. Just thought i’d say that

Namer Num

$1000? F-ck you!

Matt Ivey

"Battle of the Norway people" painful... correct term "Battle of the Danes"




Just gave my cad cam cnc exam of turning and milling and then youtube recommends this

Rick Sanchez

He doesn't have to troll jack, he's earned four more years.


Pluto is still a planet..... fight me!

Sulabha Chaudhary

Plz make more chess training vodeo


Nice games... a treat... Kudos to both players for this interesting battle

Sandeep Gupta

Can u plz tell us some basics of starting to play chess.....

Marco A. Gomes Jr. [juniorain]

Amateur mathematician lolIf the great Ramanujan was an amateur mathematician you're all pre-school daycare caretakers.

Stein Anderson

Can confirm from the future, A8 is the correct queening square for the white bishop - also etc... exactly.


WowBardzo mi si podoba

Benji Mlem

The one in top-left doesn't display 6...

Richard Fredlund

minute 31 is the Kings Gambit game covered by Agamator

Triune Blades

Did you have another video that had a similar title(epic fantasy, it had a pic of a mountain and a bird soaring above) with a bunch of Japanese/Chinese songs from movies and series? I can't find it and it's sad. It had so much awesome music on it, like some from Age of Conan and The Last Samurai.

uchiha madara

Plot twist:WARSHEP is Anish Giri

Paul Cervenka



It's funny how the chess masters of this era were embarrassed about being chess players. the Occult figure, Aleister Crowley was also a chess master during this era, and he walked away from it because basically he wasn't going to get any chicks being a chess player. He got mad pussy as an infamous practitioner of black magic though.


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