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Modern Zelda

Im loving how all of these pause moments in your videos I am getting correct, half of the time I am getting the sequence correct to!Bombyx mori, the silkmoth, the larval form of which is the silkworm.Virtually identical.Try it out as well.Gr8 Teaching n Speech.Agadmator video notification at the beginning of the weekend.

Excelente clase!

Excelente clase!

Says a saints fan.I am jealous of that shop and wood stockpile!Most agadmator subscribers and viewers are beginners and amatuers.Would you mind sharing your Fusion360 design file?Not even gonna watch the video and instead have faith in their "Poker faces" in the thumbnail and say that they cant :).Fire codes prohibits that.

Too much fking work no one can do this.I have also learned from this video!If this virse doesn't kill us all."We want people to be less stressed about having health care and being able to afford health care or at-home care for their elderly parents," she continued.Can you tell me what the pliers with the red handle are called ( that you used when bending the petals )?I too and a fan of MTM.

The rest are them thar New Fangled Fastener things.Moe sargi your like is 68k and your dislike is 1.Learned some new things on finishing in this video.How many gm norms do you have.Absolute perfection.I think White made a decisive error with 29.You can't really harden a mild steel (low carbon %) sufficiently to maintain a decent tool edge.1:11 That's a hellava offcut dude.

Thank you for sharing.

Thank you for sharing.

I watch this knowing it takes me well over 30 seconds to make a single move.It should say "Diresta".Hi Jerry, many thanks for this.What song is playing at 7:50?Oh my God he ordered an autopsy on someone that wasn't even dead yet, just evil!

Thats amazing work.Something not right about that woman.So these nigga need hype men.You know how many people will lose their jobs?Hikaru is great, but Magnus is the best.It's really helpful sir.Not a bad choice, but he will soon be punished for it.

Seven grits of paper.

Seven grits of paper.

Enjoyed seeing the process on this one.Lots of stuttering in the video?19:30 Why can’t Spassky play Rxf7?The project is for a twin bed.Make it a series.Really nice work Shaun.Duke nukem gets a thumbs up.This concludes our insanity report.Not worth the ticket tariff!

Jimmy ball

Can you do an example of a manual macro for a lathe, for example a wide and deep ID groove.

Agnes Liu

I love kiki's delivery service , it was my favourite

I'm Him!!!

I,ve never seen anything on YouTube with a Billion views.. Shakira and Rihanna sound good together there tones or similar..

Brian Rasmussen

Hey Jerry!You set the standards for excellence in chess video streaming.I hope you continue to do this stuff for years to come.

Cameron Sarfarazi

Does this sequence converge for n trees? For example it is 0, 2, 2.66, 3.14, ...


at 9:08 white could have moved the bishop to f8 protecting the queen from the rook and if the rook takes the bishop on f8 then capture with the queen and thats checkmate

Bic Mann

Mdf is trash

Diego P-S

We use a laser engraver in my woodshop class

Ansh Mobile


Darius Pour

Why is everyone so impressed with this guy? He studied the game afterwards with a computer. I agree with Fischer. He's a CHEATER.


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