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More FFA 4-player chess heartbreak (with SALTY post-game analysis)

Thank you very much sir.Grabe naiyak ako.Vital sounds go woooo lets just say that shotgun got one thing straight.Good job, Thumbs up!This man would have beaten Carlsen under pound for pound conditions.He told of seeing a plane they did not recognize.I love how cheaters claim their partner's cheat.

I have the same shaft LOVE IT.I thought about 10 way back in high school.Nice game golan.White lost8:22 Richard hesitation Kd3.This is a present from your uncle Richie’.

" waterfall of

" waterfall of

I feel like I've learned more techniques watching this one video than I've learned in 3 years of watching other tutorials.Figured out Alot is apparently a Lycean.EDIT:I think the fact that I solved it and didn’t need to pause the video was why I am so ecstatic right now!Yo this is great therapy.1:00:51 the warshep blessing takes its toll on an IM.

What a GREAT tutorial!When will we saw a morphy's defeat.It was the owner of the company that makes segways that died not the inventor of the segway.All y’all so called scientists don’t know squat!Du hattest mich bei "Nussbaumholz" Echt tolles Projekt!When I was at primary school, our phone didn't even have a dial.Great Sir Hikaru Bullet.

I chose Electrical because I was dissatisfied with how electrical theory was explained to me in high school and I felt like I needed to learn the truth for myself.Close to lose doesn'tLose!I wish I had you as a teacher when I started, glad the new kids can share this video now though :).Humans aren’t afraid to break the code instead they will use that to their advantage as opposed to machines only operating within that code which one could view as a limit.Thank you very much.Mira esa arrogancia morsa :v.Remake of whats wrong with secretary Kim nilang dalawa pls.Because I'm having fun!Because he is ranked higher and is usually ahead in the tourney.

RIP To my aunt that I never got to meet.To lie in the soft brown earth, with the grasses waving above one's head, and listen to silence.Who knows his existence.He is easy to understand and doesn't go balls deep into engine lines which no one likes to heardiscuss, especially for blitz.There are two doors, behind one door holds One million Dollars, behind the other door is a trap.You're the best!04:27 Another episode of Jimin hurting himself.Ahhh, the algorithm.

I am glad I found this channel.It's called cellular level."and i have 2 guys attacking it.0:46 Carlsen is trying to move the pieces with the power of his mind.I feel revenge be coming POG!Can't spend an hour heating it up.Europeans make much more complex plays and sit down to rest.

There are a lot of em I've never seen before I've been looking for new players to watch.Hey Vidit, what's that great move called, where you try to capture the opponent his king with your king?Hello from France, I   very appetizing !I always wondered how this was done.It is wonderful to see a father who shares his skills and knowledge with his daughters.Hebat betul bocah inip.

Jari Sipilainen

in my theory you could make more money on post video on youtube. ops my bad. youtube keep all. this is biggest thing where youtube make money. your videos! you not get anything!. think bout that and start making campaing that demand 1% from add to video posters lol

Richard Feynman

Those Alpha vs. Stockfish games shown here are always really exciting and spectacular! When I've seen one I'm already looking forward to the next one!

Ethan Duko

It’s not I’ve seen smaller that’s touchscreen

TeeKay Pew

Thumbnail makes it look like you’re standing beside a gigantic waffle. I also chose domino joinery for the largest piece I ever built too.There were definitely some regerts.Awesome build though.Keep at it.


That was quite the scream Omar

Jim Viau

Awesome creation. So beautiful.

Nicholas McLean

This video turned out great, thanks for all the tips! PS I think ur swell

Sagar Laishetti

Excellent explanation

Brian Jones

Thanks for the review John !!

Ozgur Gul

Can you send me cnc programs please ?

bachi Bachi mon

Ricardo Rodriguez

This is something you need to have a pamphlet of all legal moves on hand, because you will forget how to move


Sometimes, it's just the most mundane things that help spark that motivation.

samir Lima

I am braziliam.I dont understand the inglish,but liked,very good.

Judith Fenske

Soothing music. TY.


He's incredible fast.

kokchye yap

he make me cry

Liam S

Mixology... what a crock a shit

Fabian Martinez

im making an diy cnc Cuzim in love with millin

Sixth Sense

I m selling my all invention of chess which will you become world chess champion at Rs 100 CrIndian Rs

Jez I AM

Your critical error was when you didn’t double hit with your 6 4.From then you were destined to lose.

Matt J1

Love the detail in this piece looks really realistic got to admit that's impressive artwork

OneDerscore One

Will the best humans ever completely stop learning from other humans strategy, but just start trying to mimic AIs?


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