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Most Legendary Battle Rap Bars of All Time

So you either just made your house, yourselves or an object of yours haunted.Would be something.That sound that CJ and OMAR and TIFFANY sounded like a hard snowball thrown onto the road.It always amazes me to think how truly far away each planet is from the sun yet it’s still so powerfully bright and powerful in its influence.Gmn caranya biar bisa ngalahin jebakan hitam.You should position it about 1" away from the work.Lol would’ve taken me twenty years to makesomething half the quality of that.Jjdd kicked hiss assss.

I do know that is much more time consuming than most viewers are aware.There are actually 4 stages of an endgame the 4th is depression, which for me starts first.I saw Nb3 right away for the idea of a fortress and stronghold on d4.Great work and video only bad thing you put the king and Queens in the wrong spot lol.

PEOPLE INPPWER ALREADY WOULD HAD HAD LOSTENDE TO ME.This makes it easier for even a strong opponent to sometimes go wrong in the complications.Thanks for the upload!I can't imagine Kramnik being seduced by someone :D.I didn’t watch anything!Wow, I don't think I've ever seen any chess video get over a million view.I want to buy it :333.He said "miguel najdorf" maybe cause "mieczysaw" might be too tough for him to say P?Now that's a knife!How is it possible by Misha.

And how about when nore said, you seem like your favorite rapper would be the baby lol.I used EvoStick to glue it in place and it oozed through the felt if used wet as I daren't use it as a contact adhesive with such a stretchy lining.KC madadala Mo din ANG sakit Ng nararamdaman mo.No doubt the most intriguing, well-paced, and elegant Numberphile video I've yet come across.WARNING: HIGH VOLTAGE IS VERY DANGEROUS!I can't understand my own writing after i write more than 3 letters.S) game below next.Be carefull giaco.

Disgusting pronunciation.A new Magnus picture holy shit!Beaaaaaatuuuuuuuufuuuuuuullllllllll.That’s accurate!So, to have that explanation next step is really a long time wish finally coming true!After it please guide us what to do in last 2 days.

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Another crap gangster movie.  I wouldn't pay to see this if it was the last movie on earth.


Yasser's voice is silk on qualudes

David Oyega

Final product top left number 6 failed.

minh dao

Chess titan

ernst haft

strong newcomer earned his respect

Kyle Yumol

Like =white win comment =black win


White queen takes black bishop and black takes queen with his pawn and then white knight gave check to e7 and takes the black queen

LXenatorLX LX

Charlie Charlie is that you?

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