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Really considering buying itThanks!if one of these mfs on fire is gonna get at JJDD, it damn sure won't gonna be Chess.He miss the Knight fork on the 3:13 it would be nice if he move Nxf3 fork Queen Rook and Bishop.It's not because kids have so much free time lol.

That would do a cool lampshade.Black missed going up a pawn should have traded knights than capture pawn with dark squared bishop.So 3 minutes of your shadow legends ad straight into an ad wow if that happens again I will not be watching your videos anymore I understand ads but come on.This are bulsit to say iot.Mad respect to this guy.I apologize as I've watched many of your vids but just realized I hadn't subscribed, have now and I vow to view them all again and add a like.( e ipi) When we raise (e) to algebraic number the result should be transcendental.Honest question.

I’m the guy who sucks and donates to play Ben.I say: 1x, she says: 1xShe says: OB1, I say: Haha, Obiwan, Brady says: Haha, Obiwan!I really like the drill press branding tip.Where the heck did that queen come from at 30:12!Toy Makeover: Transforming Spiderman in Ultraman.I love you video))) Now I try to win often) WELCOME to my channel.Flies around on Private Jets short distances, polluting the air, Green Deal?I find the ability to break down a 1200x2400 board with the track saw then create replicable small cuts on the Basis table very handy.

How to draw arrows.

How to draw arrows.

After all, Europe used to run on base 12.RB ramesh I have dream to Lear from you grate chess teacher.You, sir, have a gift when it comes to teaching.Originally I purchased a circular saw years ago.Universal law hidden in the chess.Golan y Dada, me encanta verlos jugar.Marty and Jimmie is awesome.Triangles are proportional to triangles.Everything is Energy in different forms.This is good but the volume was so low.

That's actually really

That's actually really

20x WINSTREAK MAGLIKE NETOSmall youtuber here.At 11:50, why didn't white play Rf1?M jobless U kinda give me something to kill time.Sorry about that.This doesn’t happen yo.RIP Vugar Gashimov.Who else is here despite having already seen the full Banter Blitz video?I want you to say "Did you figure it out?

Now this video

Now this video

Who hired this camera man?Wats the name of the book u mention at the start of the video.Me:mom I broke my phone mom:what how me:BC I smashed that like button mom:seriously.This is gonna get really bad.92' Subaru, the color of good red wine, santa cruz screaming hand on the back lets do this.Otherwise Carlsen will just keep taking liberties.

bobby joe young 2 because stephenG blocked me

Best chess channel by far so keep up the good work

vishnu sajeev

Oru 30 kollam munne varenda padam

Eric Neal

Extra points to you for doing this without a CNC machine, sand blasting booth, paint booth or other expensive/specialty extras.

Wim Tillaart

Thuis is the worst wat ive seen an antique door treated

Rav Kant

wow fantastic

he bae wis


Craig Laurer

For $1000 it should record the game notation for me!

Creative Mode Crafts

I don't care about my sound quality but that is AMAZING

b pc about pc on a pc

nice vid but what wood makes a faster bow...

BRIXK Mencia

Beautiful work guys I swear if I was able to afford it on my life I would buy one.......I subscribed and thumbs up guys keep it up, one day IM GET ME ONE OF THOSE TABLES EVEN IF ITS A LITTLE ONE KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK

Fuady Hidayat

Wow... you made it look so easy..Awesome!

Paul Fuller

Your 4 jaw set up is spot on , exactly as I would do it .Nice grade cast iron , comes off in nice chips instead of powder !I like Starrettmikes as well , I have had several in the last 40 years . Happy machining !

Gottfried von Bouillon

Carlsen is THE MAN!!!


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