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(N + 10)\ Synthia: AI progress update

Why doesn’t the paper fall.Eugene now knows that they care about him 3 i guess they did get better about that!And with kids no less.R u use inch's than how calculate parameter to comercial tools,and specified insert type cutter.

Hope they're having miserable lives.Specifically, rendering the trees and bushes into the right order.OCD kicks in on the grain direction.I think most folks actually mute that down.I looked through some of the comments and I did not see anyone ask: where did the pieces come from?At 2:53 why can't black C7 queen take on E5?5:26 salah satu scene terngakak.

If I can see

If I can see

In South Africa, the police take guns from law abiding citizens and sell them out the back door to criminals.Holding a grape closely to your eyes can show you 50% of the grape if you use both eyes.Ok, maybe now you figured out I'm catching up on your vids.Oh yeah that handle looks awesome!Is there a game where Fischer plays black?0:01, and it was at this moment that my heart melted.Very nice woodworking.Therefore it can't be done.I thought that ardunio had only 2kb memory,how did u run flappy bird?Carl the cruel god of science,.

Morphy head is ready to take action Magnus carlsen " ok Im ready to use it " "puts on" im now the best player in the history.Hey, have you not encountered cannibal from wrong turn movie?As a affiliated marketing how much I could earn ?It's difficult but too amazing.Nobody sees at 32:08 for white BISHOP TAKES ROCK?That is not how you play creative.Stiffener blocks as cabinet makers use.Then use the first 4 words.

Nakaka awa naman po si

Nakaka awa naman po si

I myself would propably have tried to replace only the broken board because otherwise the box seems to be intact.Hi, you must be new to our channel.Carlsen with a horrible start of the tournament: half a point behind the leaders after 10 rounds.Hopefully when my time comes, I will see him, like Maximus saw his family.The finish at 35:30 was so beautiful.I had 4 of these as a kid, didn’t know what they were for.Apna idea mat batya Karo game dikhayi.May I ask if you would consider creating one for purchase?Thanks for the inspiration brother keep it up.

You do a fantastic job, I love it and I am full admiration.Better to spend the money on prepping.So much humor in your videos.Black player not well.Is there a version of the olcConsoleGameEngine.Nobody in the comments is going to say anything about the grease nipple?I'm a 14 years old boi from Vietnamese.

lolwhat yesme

3:41 but white also an intermetzo, as the knight on c6 could take black's dark square bishop with check?

Teppala Tejanand

which engine

Dominic Booth

First like

Sammy Garcia

That's pretty awesome

pxy online

I wish I could be in the stream, I have lots of questions but watching here still is great.

Royan Hasjim

Reminds me of the moon planet from The Last Jedi which was a rebel HQ's stand-off with kylo Ren !--- Twin Karamoy Channel

Constructive Cuntery

Graphite is a good metal on metal lubricant.


I did not stop smiling throughout the whole video. This was PERFECTION

Dialectical Materialism

The irony of someone accusing me of seeing the finer point of what you're trying to say (there is no finer point, btw) when you didn't even understand my comment. I never said that you can't disagree. My point is that mindlessly flinging invective at him simply because he didn't like the game doesn't magically make his review bad.You're the troll, dumbass. You're the one coming on here and trying to rile people up by attacking northernlion and trying to rile people up. That's troll behavior.

k Wo


Rito Senpai

Now make that, out of cpm10v

adam sanchez1

did you use poly on the legs after you burned them?

the toiletries you steal from the hotel

I normally teach myself via trials and mistakes, your videos are teaching a whole lot :D

Tiny Tim

I just had 5 bishops in a game normal non bughouse game I must be better than Ben I had a knight or two too and I almost did a smothered mate but he was getting smothered with my pieces instead of his lol

Joshua King

Dude I'm so glad I found your channel I was watching a guy named agmator or something like that , anyway I just couldnt take the accent of his anymore and he always uses and engine to analyze games and uses its analysis to commentate as if he is seeing these "right" moves


Divide the classic quadratic formula by 2 and take a = 1 and replace b²-4ac with "u". By Vieta's theorem, the product of roots is a co-factor "c". So you made the so-called "new way". In Russia this method using since Soviet times and call it "discriminant divide by 4" cuz discriminant D = b²-4ac, here it is "u²". One different, we not unite D and Viet theorem.


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