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NAKAMURA ADOPTION FILES: Adopting the Mystery SuperGM NowayJosey

Aren’t the kings and queens on the wrong square at the beginning?I have never seen rings turned on a piece!Knight g5: is winning immediately.

Two mathematicians explain

Two mathematicians explain

Wow, you (Magnus) are 29years old and look like a 20 year old :o.Sao chieu het duoc hoa.Frank is so wholesome.Also subliminal messaging, "gift for your friends" "souvenirs".Don’t you hijack my Alexa!B8 knight, i was a smidget happy when i found out that before they answered.I need to leave now, I have an appointment at the dentist.Videos like this make me wonder.This guy knows what’s up.I like your long curly hair.

Raunak Sadhwani is

Raunak Sadhwani is

Your better half did really well seeing as all the tools have been set up to your style, seemed really open to guidance and overall good sport working with you.They have a running conversation where they play out the London Immortal.You r the greatest teacher for iit sir, i m also a maths teacher and i want to be like you.Alpha Zero refuted Queens Indian?You are so talened.Wait why can't Naka just push his pawn?Justin Bieber Sex Video.Which table saw would you recommend for me to start that is really affordable and useful?

That Is unacceptable.

That Is unacceptable.

Also I feel like a super tiny round over on the finger holes would be good 116"- 18", looks awesome!I’ve always had really bad night terrors and and the music from the movies would help me so much.Probably the sketchiest "Shaun Boyd strength test" I've seen to date.So i really hope that u can make some videos on how to play these kind of games!Kevin is so fking anoying here.

Happy leap day everyone, see you all in 2024.Very nice video, top notch delivery and explanation.I actually want one.Rook take room, queen take rook, rook take queen!All you had to do was roll the marbles from the the playfield bottom to the top.I am so sad for Grischuk i uploaded some gif highlights to imgur.His childhood is exactly like my life at home as a child.The game is lopsided.

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28:22 this part...

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Hay vl

My bundle of joy Sweet moments

why cant open the link???

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so lovely chess match game thanks night night

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lo amo!!!

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when the action started and nothing will ever be the same.. <3


At 3:24, why doesn't White use his knight on d4 to capture the vulnerable pawn on c6, thereby forking Black's rook and queen?


Nothing to do with the video, but sometimes guys at my job have a habit of 'borrowing' charging cables (we use a decent amount of phones/whatever). So I have a nice pink cable that no one looks twice at :)

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New YouTuber! And new friendsThere should be timestamps on v ih videos like these

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