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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - February 20th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

YOU ARE SOME AMAZING PERSON.Why is white vay better can someone explain?"He uhh, he gon' check him wid da bishop" 33:35that guy cracks me up.18:37Ned: If you would have dual screens, what would you do?Cad os Brasileiros ?

G4 won't work because after 19.A radiation wave hit and I got shot through a wormhole.I think it's too straight.A productive way of using up the excess mental energy acquired by drinking 3 energy drinks.Now i understand how to creategames.What's the chances of there eventually being a Go board variant of this product?Loiks like beautiful.

FOREVERQUIETFUNCTION MULTITALENTSILENTFUNCTION.They want to be focusing on the king, not pawns.I wouldn't call that particularly civilized.What program are you using there in the beginning?I love it when you say "then he's gone".Shows he's just as human as the rest of us.

Worth it as always.

Worth it as always.

How on earth do you reliably and consistently beat 2 in the world, even as 1 in the world?Very cool but i would have given it a little more individuel look.You really have the knack for teaching.Time consuming, but easy.Bf4 is not check.I can see now she is testing the kid!

And about magic chess, this takes too much time.It was a lost position anyhow.Anyone know a place that sells Larson style glasses like those?GM Jan Gustafsson is just hilarious.I'm an engineer in manufacturing, and have some 3d printed fixtures on the shop floor.(or other opening were something like this is possible but well i dont know so much theory).It should be simple NFC instead.Me quede dormido mientras explicaba.Okay but were is James insta!8:17 bishop f5 looks good why he didnt play.

I have to

I have to

3:43 torrealfilpenDama.Fun fact: you didn't watched this in fullscreen.Thank you great work.Dayam what a storm this dude was.Phil is making a countertop?I would just flip a coin.I think adding a slide for the computer and keyboard would top it off.

Avon Potter

Katz Mosesmay have been on the booze me finks .. just sayin( chuckle)You three are awesome by d wey

Jose Rommel

For me the GOAT is Bobby Fischer unbeatable in His prime.


10:36 you should mention Re3 in this position. Looks like it wins the queen (and it does) but f2 Rxe4 Bxe4 White is up a queen but mated.

MOREL Renaud

22:35 his power of deduction is just astounding !

Lorenz Plassmann

When Trickymate plays Na4, Dlugy goes: "What the hell is that? Oh my God!"

Frances Wright

Why would you leave when the spirits are active? True ghost hunters don't run, unless something is trying to kill you, I would think.

CrAzE Chorus

Ted Bundy the most cruel person on this whole planet helped the police??


Whats that cringey blitz "questioning"

David N

Global slowdown.Blaming a strategy.Its all gonna slow to a crawl.


Nice, thanks.


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