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Still my favourite bearded axe on YouTube, the shape and craftsmanship is awesome!You should give some of those microjigs away, ill take one (turns out you kinda need two :)).What's up with that?Christ, you look horrible.So fucking cool watching them think out loud about the same lines!That soup looks delicious, subbed.The check after moving it through the portal was unintentional.

I'm learning so much, and you are also

I'm learning so much, and you are also

Next year that will be 30 years and I ask myself If I have what it takes to be a master and would also see if you would mind playing a few friendly matches?The stock blade that came with my table saw is ripping the edges of my plywood even with the masking tape.I thought I heard something about this on the radio today but can't find anything on YT about it.Ang natutunan ko dito sa pinanood ko ay ang Maniwala tayo at manalig sa ating Mahal na Panginoong Jesussinusubukan nya tayo kung tayo ay magpapadala sa mali gawain dyan nya mo malalaman kung gaano kalaki ang iyong pananampalataya sa kanya hindi mo tinalukuran ang Panginoon kahit kapalit ng buhay ang mawawala.What if you took the middle strip out of an icosahedron (or took 2 pentagonal based pyramids and put them together)?And no one saw it but me.Your videos always inspire confidence in my own woodworking abilities.But may I know which oil r v suppose to use.Amazing video Simon!Faraway Forge: "I wanna make katana from junks"Faraway Forge again: "but I have no junk.

Kind of like

Kind of like

So this is this is where the cheese touch started.Those tubular battery cases are neat, but if you obtain a car lighter socket adapter, available at dollar stores, it can be wired up to any battery.Then let cool and you'll see its soft.You cant make madder out of nothing.My question is about the 45 degree cuts for the folding of the top.It still got a nearly broken power switch which is really hard to fix but I used a way around it: the Radio stays in the (on) position the whole time and is plugged into a TEAC TT-2 HiFi-timer which turns the power on and of.10:50 what if Queen h1 to protect the bishop?It is a comfort to know that all those who pushed Carl to become what he was, whether they afterwards found redemption or not, will have to face up to the part they played in this."fianchettoing the knight" lol.

10:57 eat it like a dck you

10:57 eat it like a dck you

Unwatchable, can't see pre-moves.Com20 follow my please but you’re video soo nice.I thought of a correct answer, but I haven't tried to prove it.Svelte is going to be the next fad after Vue, React and Angular(which is already kinda dead to me).When will Turnament number 5 be played?Keep up the great work Eric!Pano ukit magkakaron na kupa e walang summon kailangan ulit patayin ung isa?


Sea of Dirac?

Juan Federico

No.You missed the black rook on a7.

Frank Brues

One of my best chess set acquisition I did in 2018.

san san

chess set at 0:13?


Jimin is basically silent the whole time i cant even imagine whats happening in his mind


He seems Jewish somehow


Alextrasza may be the queen, but you are clearly the King of Dragons. Kibler the Many Coloured?


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