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Ang galing ni BONITA.Thank you so much.And buy some stocks that have 5% dividend, set it automatic dividend reinvestment:) simple, and you are in full control,and no fees.Adam, my statics prof made us do a project based on this.The video cuts off before the end, so we don't know if it was a draw or a winloss.Hi John I am Srini from India I love chess.Congrats on now being the most followed chess YouTuber.

Hello everyone, i recommend these guys to you, reach them and they will surely help on any project related to hacking.Way to do it again, TC.There is virtually no helium except helium 4.I learned a lot from these, again YOU ARE AWESOME.That was awesome,Shaun.This was dreadful the kid was massively disrespectful and throwing his hands all about the board like a psychopath - I bet he has epic ADHD tantrums at home when mommy tells him it's time to get off the Xbox!

What CAM software are you using?

What CAM software are you using?

Antonio already achieving Mythical status.They used Barns Wallis.Chiriche njan chathu.I own one and it is a piece of shit.You are knowledgable without being overbearing, and you genuinely enjoy chess.Make more videos please.I really like your videos, every video I see, makes me think how we humans are, we never stop improving and we are really clever lol.Naka is just pure speed and pattern recognition.Which oil use u r in cake?H6 bluff x h6Now that's draughts tactics.

Cause it running kinna slow.Beautiful results.Specifically with the queen bishop battery with white fianchetto.14:36 Don’t mind me and this time stamp.What ide do u use.Corona Virus: Never!Fantastic video for a woodworker like me.Thanks for the compliment.But wow those are pure beauty!What if it is a torus planet.

Daj lika jeli jestes polak.What do you call the clip clamps you use for the small accent pieces?I am completely in awe of this gent.I would've moved my rook and made black move theirs and attacked on the king side.Want to fire this on multiple elements with the same class?Just a quick question.

Todo muy complejo y detallado.Now I can understand why all those chess boards are flat.I can't relax to this.Those are real personable looking photos of.Extremely well done!I'm just asking.

Is it a mistake ?That's a very cool lighter that should definitely have been restored thanks for sharing.Dumb comment from a dumb ole carpenter.I think he was crying while playing against salomon but we didnt see tears :)).I don't understand how they can go to that house without a road.She slapped me so I had to show her this.Leave a thumbs up!Backgammon games and tournaments every day at.That's something.

I’ve wanted to do this sort of thing

I’ve wanted to do this sort of thing

Thankfully trump have taken care of the border so coronavirus can’t jump the border.Not the other way around.Love all the jokes against canada haha!Thank you for sharing.Was that snow at the end of saw dust :).Thank you very much.One could never really call 8 track tapeplayers Hi-Fi quality as there was always tape hiss on quite passages.In the beginning I thought of the crimes of grindlewald Hogwarts return.Actually died when you called your gears, "a little special".This got a lot more entertaining when put on 2x speed lol.

Juan Gonzalez Diaz

Me gusta,aunque le falta dar las midas,un saludo y gracias.

Webbs Kruiser

The thing is that there's no perfect AI that could beat human in Starcraft without outright cheating. APM aside (which shouldn't be a problem for AI), Starcraft strategy is actually more complex. For comparison, just look at the respective numbers of opening in Starcraft and chess. Starcraft players are still coming up with new ways to open a game, while Chess openings haven't changed much.

Katan Akuma

Epic Fail. I feel for you after all that work.

jenny saro

Can I just point out that what Krishna said was also preached by the buddha

vesyal shashi kumar


Luqman Mazlan

13:14 respect


Hey, idiot, it’s all fair in LOVE AND war

Aaron T

Botez's team would be in trouble if WarShep was here. He would crush their position entirely and then body his opponents into perpetual Stalemate.

Roberto Maiorano

Why is the R in "Nerdforge" gone, then it reappears. And then when talking about the details you were going to add, the camera angle was mirrored?


Derpy Dan-64-

How to spot a liar:Lick their sweat and then check if their is any taste of the lie in their sweat

LSW 33

Stockfish 10 says black gets mated in 56 after 9...bxc3 lmao


Wait. You can do the cube?? What is your best time?

Sometimes there's a man

This is ridiculous chess by stockfish. Not taking a light squared bishop with a knight. So passive.

malon chirara

what the hell... i could do better as awful as i am

TaRa RaRa

3019-L kannan like adicaruthu musa

Eko Purnomo

Next back hand flick .. nice

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, , , , , .

dng v

Anh ni hay qu em ch hiu ci m j

The One Only

Amazing story that started about a paper clip that ended in bringing people together. The best kind of stories.

Jason Somers

He was never a serial killer.I don’t think he enjoyed it, just don’t piss him off.Then he was paid to kill so he pretty much numb to killing.


You're like the Bob Ross of maths

Biblia: Mensaje y Calculo

And 7x7 square does anybody know?

John Almon

Love the channel! subbed!

jp last

I cant imagine they think that long . 15 minutes should be a whole game for me not for a single move

Alifian Noful

Dewa apa ya,yg cocok?19? ah jago nyanyi,dewa catur apa ada?terus apa dong?????

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