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NFCN Nashville First Church of the Nazarene 06_02_13 Worship Service

What kind of wood did you use?Can you go over King, Knight, and Pawn endgames a la Hammer-Kamsky game 3 in the Arena Kings Streamers Championship game today?But if you use the corrected equation I show in this response, you get the correct result of 2.For those crying like little baby's about bondo and soft wood, next time YOU pay the price to do the right thing, you may give value to a old door but the owner of the door may not.Who is that NiTe90.Let us bask in the glory of the new king.A joy to watch, Wonderful Mate.

It is a very fun game for all ages and is so analog.Was I recommended this because of Tom Scott or because of the algorithm randomly giving me this videoI need answers.Muggles veritaserum.As you can tell from the date of this comment, I'm still experiencing extreme time dilation and having trouble synchronising my electronics due to the amount of temporal flux your chronologic wake left behind (and pushed forward!Another way of proving 1-11-11-11-.Thanks Linus, now it's $300.Splendid commentary!

I may even adapt this idea

I may even adapt this idea

He did it the way he likes it, if you want to do it some other way go get one and do it yourself.Se llama dama no reyna :V.Love Father Daughter quality timeas much as anything.I have been wondering lately though if respirators do anything at all for gasesfumes?I remember that from decades ago.He actually starts trying at the end and I have to slow it down to.Yo this is sick.I mean almost no one.I think Nf5 is winning move.

Pure art, congatulation!It is always a plesure to see your video.Apple MacBook air.I'd hope most of your viewers are familiar with gta.Rogers of chess.British people are very very humble and good.

femas dian

Mantap enditanya bang

Sumi D

5:21 .... am i wrong or is that bullshit? when the little one goes up to g6 - where should black king go? .... he can't do anything (or am i blind?) ..... that makes no sense -.- with g6 black have to give up because he can't move anymore .... or is that illegal? ...... when someone knows - explain plz

Rakesh Mehra

Did they really get 5k? Or are they joking?

Tien pham van

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Aleksandra Makari

That circle wing plane looks like Gatlantis Devastators!

Wolf Wehrmeyer

your dog is one of my favourite parts of your videos :)

veon Almeida

They r many weak spot in this trap

Christian James

I realized that i watched a 10 minutes Ad

Pretty Moms

it's looks so yummy

Faride Ladak

I watched it end to end no break. The final piece was stunning. Thanks for sharing your passion.

Summer Reid

Who is this lady we want rose

Bumbleness Supreme Brady

ChessLearningCenter You make the video, upload it, then create a playlist.

Mark Jaos

What chess board is that?

Pavel Medek

Baka means "madman" not an idiot.

Masud Chowdhury

Amazing work


Do you got candy? I hollered when joe said that he stupid


Your "did you figure it out?" is iconic. Please keep saying it.

John Moyes

Joy number 327 of being self employed - the ability to be honest. "I didn't do my work because I had to go out for a beer"!

Lorenzo Martinez



"ok pause the video for the moment if you wish to see if you can find the best continuation for White here, (3 seconds later) ok .. for those who found the correct attacking move,congratulations,you are an excellent grand master, but for those who just want to enjoy the show, here White played Knight from e5 to f7 check, Rook takes Knight and now White plays Rook to e8 check! and now hehe,..Black's can only block the check with his Rook to f8, then White can capture the Rook with RxR on f8 again giving Check and hehe, Black cannot capture the this Rook because the Black Bishop is pinned down by the White Bishop on c3 and so Black's King has been effectively check mated."

-no depression- 1900

I swear this is my favorite channel in the whole YouTube we love you man truly


How is this beginners lol

James McMullan

internet comment etiquette with Erika

Don Juan

That was an awesome build. Now I have to find your 1/8th inch finger joint jig video. Keep at the good stuff!!

nios y perros plascencia chavez

Tus vdeos me relajan


at this level, wouldn't it make more sense to injection mold the parts rather than print them?


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