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抹茶レアチーズケーキの作り方 No-Bake Matcha Cheesecake*Eggless &Without Oven|HidaMari Cooking

Thank you for the excellent lesson!Wooooooow beautiful.It makes things trickier for white to win as he'll likely have to trade a rook to get those puns.Since rook is blocking the pinned king now, the queen can legally move.I learned an awful lot with this video thank you so much for the share and for taking the time from start to finish most videos people cut it down to five or 10 minutes and you don’t actually see the whole process were you allowed us to see the whole process and for a new woodworker this was perfect thank you.

That plane is huge!I love this guy he is so good and smart thanks a lot.WOW I am dumfounded, that was fantastic.I beat my physics teacher with this thnx.Make an mecanical clock.

Chess is not about calculations at all at this GM level.That is a great system for anyone.Ill give him a game, im a master from queens.Philips over Robertson for cosmeticsRobertson over Philips for workability.08:33 is a perfect example of him having at least "something" for her.Did anyone else think the pawn was rather large?18:15 Ok that may be stupid but isn't nf6x a good option?

At the first link (file?

At the first link (file?

" That dynamicism, combined with your endgame instincts, and knowing the true significance of positional features, can get you to 3000 in standard chess.Im honestly getting a bit bored lol.Really not helpful for new players, a better tutorial would be to watch someone play it.I’m just wondering if you would consider selling the plans for this in your online store?2) Do you haven any issues with longer stock getting stuck as it crosses the clamp rails or the channels?I love how I have no idea who Ken West is, but Finegold shits on him every lecture, so I have this image in my head of him being an awful player.When I set up at our new office I used togglebolts rated for 200lbs.Thanks Sir Yasser!Ok guys now how do I download this movie.OMG, how many hours did it take to make this bowl!

Awesome vid and commentary, as always.

Awesome vid and commentary, as always.

Name the bow stinger or the stingerSomeone else has probably commented this already but whatever.I'm gosu I'm ok.Love your chess videos btw.What was the total build time for this project?Missin those dubious moves.Can you suggest an alternate to cream cheese?The fat guy would not SHUT the FUCK up!

Thumbs up from

Thumbs up from

Spoiler: hoodie guy wins.Finally war starts now.Am i the only 1 who realize this or am i wrong?I would've liked a translucent green epoxy in place of the wood.6:44 that’s not a katana that’s a ninjato.Don't just vote for the party.More proof that there's beauty to be unlocked from the mundane if one's willing to WORK at it!  This is a good video Jerry.Why does YouTube show me these videos at bedtime?

I then saw the

I then saw the

And it's an amateur mistake.Meio aflitivo no final.I like the Conclusions.Game of the century?JjDd vs T top Rematch.Jab aap sab kuch hindi mai hi bolte ho to fir hathi ghoda aor wazir bolne mai kya taklif hoti hai.Nice acting by little girl.Hows he gonna win if thats drawn.Svidler has been the most entertaining thus far.I noticed that you often use the sand blaster on wood materials instead of "regular" sand paper or files.

zuala hmangaih

Hey Jerry can i sask how to get that position...rook on g7 and king on h7

Zzqlocke Dreizehn

Skill set are like assassins skills move

Harry Hirsch

''' Crushes'' ???what where? this is chess dude..the game for the unsocial and ugly

Fatih Salam

Time over for carlsen ,anyway he lose.

Tifenn Lebascle

- Contact with the Target Language.- Self-confidence.- Persistence.Here you go. Achievable by everyone.

Martin Stamm

Hey MSK Chess, great approach, thanks a lot! Is there a kind of directory available somewhere showing the different structures for each opening?

Ford Muigai

hey flat earthers, send me a photo of the wall. Since it's so huge, you can use your powerful lens to get a picture without stepping on Antarctica. Till then stop existing.

DonXD Element 115.


ltz Gab

This is what thanos would look for

Shaun Mackinga

Art and inspiration!!!Titan you are truly innovative. I want to work for your company!


I can't believe it......i really hope that kramnik will participate in the candidates tournament or in a big tournament and win it......this will for sure motivate him......

Helios Circe

Does it bother anybody else that the board is oriented the wrong way when he put the chess pieces on it? Usually for both players the bottom right square is a white square. Piece looks beautiful nonetheless.

Ethan Walker

GeekZone Can you clarify the story of the treasures found on Isildor's body?


Imagine if someone stole your first package, opened it and had a first impression "wow electronics i just got something valuable" then quickly realizing it might not be as valuable as wanted :D

Sagarika Pawaskar

What was the dink in india

Noah Clemons

Awesome game

Adam Navigato

Now what about the pieces?


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