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Obwenzi obuyitiridde mu maka

I’m actually confused on how people didn’t see the knight.Honk if your horny at 2:55.Thank you in advance.

What makes them so cunphy.I'm not really good at chess, but I think pretty much all skills improve faster the more consciously you're practicing them, which usually means a slow tempo.Thanks, this made my day!Great explanation, Unity really helps to make things easier and your example is just another proof of that!Didnt like his brother.

Techmoan patreon supportersNote: I am not yet supporter.When you forget your homework3:23.Thank you for sharing.My boards are about to get a lot better.I'll work for free.Feels like current flowing.(y) nice video Thanks Mato.I'm a fighter pilot, we use this principle a lot if we need to get low and travel fast.Has anyone beat you with it yet.

What did you finish the top

What did you finish the top

I didn't know the guy from Blink182 was into building old man bows, jk.Love these boards.Not many companies are reasonably creative of course, and the less reasonable will pay more just because they are not creative enough to draw a square (we have seen horrendous logos, so some companies are THAT stupid).It has nothing to do with women being less represented in the sport or not spending as much time studying positions as men.Pada analisis yg ketiga kalau pionnya yg makan pion gimana dong.Smart ass dude.

This was unfair, na beats eu in ranking player for player.Not that I don’t like your Pioneer compact cassette, but I have found 2 silver finish Nakamichi decks that would complement the rest of your system.Maybe the outside hardened first and they're stress cracks?Shorty behind jj was smuggling two midgets back there.Fold and put in a bowl.I hope I have one Man as you.It would be the same as traveling down a road in a car a 100 miles an hour.13:00 ARGENNNTINA BUSCA OTRA VEZZZ, LA COPA DEL MUNDO" ME ENALTECIO EL ALMAAA.

It sounds like it's about to

It sounds like it's about to

Love all your content, very educational and fun, I’m not sure the name of the machine in the first few minutes you’re resurfacing the anvil flat, Around how much estimated would that cost in a machine shop to have done to a full anvil?Super and nice.Get 100000'0m likes.Truly the game of kings.The dragon, the raid, the connect four, the redemption.I never knew this before but there was this guy named Emery cook, he did these records called cook binaural records.Hello there Jeetendra.8:43 "And the Pawns are doubled, so, you have to be careful here as White"Don't you mean Rooks?

In this videos honor, you should go

In this videos honor, you should go

Afterenjoying this hillarious match, go back to 10:22 onwards.Really interesting stuff!Fix Ur F'in head Bro!Doesnt make them a gamer.Black then has a couple of options:1.Just one thing I'd have to look up, at 5:10 is the CO2 in a fire extinguisher solid or liquid?

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Oleksandr Bortnyk is the scariest player I've ever seen play chess. AND hes beaten Magnus handily MULTIPLE times in bullet.I dont see how he is not much higher ranked in the world rankings. To be able to think as fast as he can and stay composed while calculating so many moves in your head simultaneously is nothing short of magic. He is definitely a genius, possibly a chess savant.

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do you even clamp bro?

Indrajeet Patil

3:34 How hot girls look at me...

fer mad

Excelente..No palabras AAA


I will never forget those good old days.

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17:40 king kill queen


Very nice train 10 moves

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