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Chess and snake and ladderwas invented in India Proud of my country.Straight badass.Seems pointless to me.You have the freedom to move them around, shorten your loops, minimize round-trips, etc.6, (-sig(-1234)-sig(-1234)-sig(-1234))!The DNC will stop at nothing to destroy the peoples choice I just heard Texas closed hundreds of polling stains without notice just like in SC I'm willing to bet that those stations are in districts that favor Bernie the DNC and media are criminals robbing us of our choice.

Cheers from Western Australia.All my code is exactly as shown in video, but the javascript won't run in firefox, chrome, or IE.Artist talk taking care of Plante criticise science buy using their artmade oftoxic chemicals.I can see a cheap version in every coffee shop lol.I was so happy that I was right lol.30:57 - The triangles don't look all that similar though.Your voice is very peaceful too.I really enjoyed this video mate, have just finished work (i,m a joiner).

HAHAHAHAAHA best sponsor segway.Can I get it from corona beer.Put in code 755590 when signing up 4."The only mistake we can make as humans is to worry about making mistakes.It's better not to turn the sound on.

Of course Terra was older.

Of course Terra was older.

Another great piece.I hada lot of cues during my days, but none custom like yours.Thank you for the upload !Missed: Rxd6, Ng4, Qd2, Bh6 so Qg5 check is forced (and winning).This is fantastic!I got so excited about seeing that frame, I forgot to mention what an outstanding piece from your ammo box!Dimana alamat nya.This is a starting step and would require just one command.If you have a chess board set it up and move the pieces on the board the the way I move it on the screen that way game will get embedded in your memory.

And of course we're not all that life comprises.I wanted to know, when will be the continuation of Morphy saga?So it is still better for white but the result I believe is better then what he played in the actual game Unless I misread or overlooked moves it seems like it's still a playable game for black but the end game favors a bit toward white, I had already seen the attack and figured out the most likely end result and decided that simply making it a draw should be enough with the h7 h3 queen checks.7:53 the puns hurt me.The frequency counter is a completely separate part from the radio itself.

2:47 says FIRDAY’.The messy uneven edge to the cube ruins the look.This alireza kid is going to be the king in the future, no one else will be close.I'm German, what is a screw?I must be missing something?I buy few chess sets from rates.Amazing I want this :).

I understand that this was a "how it works" video and not a technology history lesson, but I think you could have taken a few seconds in a twelve minute video to mention the name of Edwin Armstrong, the man who not only single-handedly invented the circuits that made superheterodyne radio possible, but also invented the circuits that made FM radio practical.Stop being bias after they won.Lower yer table saw blade jeez!It would be way cool to win that heart.For all who does not care about stupid comments: caruana won.0:52 What if FastBreak383 wins it?This is one of them - thanks!Qb4 Ka6 (or Ka7 or Ka8) 6.I think I saw you in the train.Me in every exam 12:10.

barzang 1996

hello i love u chou and you!!!!please skin granger:(name BaBaY thx

Steven R

nice commentary


December 18 watchers?

Two Handed Swordsman

"Gold rush has a lot of hills, so Tatars should be good?"Well, to me, Koreans are good with that.

RaeRae 10

This is what I need...Because I have no friends...And I’m a nerd...Ok I’m gonna go now...Haha got you...Lol I’m done now...SIKE!!!!

Michael Perry

This man could make a turd look good. Great work!

Abhishek Dubey

Wanna see a spasky borris match

Stephen Benner

I don’t think 7 kg of salt would be accurate until later in the video.

Aditya Vadali

4:26 Black : Now, Nakamura occupies the open d- file. 4:31, White : Now , Nakamura doubles up on the f-file. BLUNDER Commentary ! :)


Why are you obsessed with the number 8? Because obviously you can have 14 bishops on the board without them hitting each other, 8 on one edge, 6 on the other (everything but the corners on the opposite side). 8 is just the limit with queens or rooks. The question isn't how many different ways you can do 8 with all the pieces, but how many can you have and not necessarily just 8. Obviously with queens, it makes the search much, much easier if you observe every one has to be in a different row and column, so you'll have 1 in each column, and the first one has 8 choices for its row, the 2nd one has 7 remaining choices, etcetera, so it's actually only 8! to search through or 40 thousand and that will be a fraction of a second to a computer, as opposed to searching through billions.

Shahab Abadsafian

hi / there can i one qesshan ? are you with your self coking some food ? i don't thing so1 ) to much tach boardsbreak meanig you for your feafty not have gelovs .. 2 ) don't maeked agin please thank's

Richard Wardrop

Can the DGT PI hook up to HDM Video out?

Edward Warrington

I see a lot of negative comments about the panel being cut on the back side of the sled. Many saws by companies such as Altendorf and SCM have sliding tables where the operator pushes the panel up to the fence as seen in this video. Having used these machines for years, it is my opinion that they are much more safer and certainly easier to use. There are many videos on YouTube showing these sleds. I however am not too keen on them due to lack of riving knives and hood guards. Without these guards, what is stopping the timber from binding on the back of the saw blade and then flicking up and hitting the operator in the face. If someone had an accident using one of these sleds here in New Zealand, they would receive a hefty fine from Health and Safety dept.


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