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Omarion Announces NEW Millennium Tour WITHOUT B2k and I have to STAN!

I sure wish I had that drum sander!Has it really been 20 years?Bullet hell games.Alireza won the tournament!I'm listening this while reading the third books and watching the 2nd movie at the same time!Aman hambleton gambit?

There is a lot of false information in these videos.Amara luna is still amara luna lol.Even an inexperienced chessman can never think such a trick.U are too spead please slow down.Why so long ago on the last upload?

What happened if

What happened if

What's inside a bluetuth headset?5:36 Knight to d2 can stop the checkmate.), but here is a much simpler argument: If you can get to the square 1, then by shifting all the moves one square to the left, you can also get to the square just to the left of 1, which is x.You can use the timing clutch to compensate for latency issues between the rhythm-section and the marble section.I've been using the same piece of glass for at least 15 years.Please, fire the commentator.  A completely amazing piece of work.

Hi, Great original idea!Kasamba was the commercial for this vid and I got cancer from them.One guitar for me.Or just an elaborate hoax?Was Yasser the one saying "Danger" in the song?

$100 Daniel GAVE that

$100 Daniel GAVE that

Wow what a spanking.Keep up the good work.Have you seen what there food markets are like.And can we buy it online?Your videos are good, but your enthusiasm to help others is even better.Bulb is burned out.You don't have a say on it neither I do or anyone for that matter.I just use my dick to do all this.I'm an EE and was designing a circuit board that required an inductor that only a German company offered stock.This is unwatchable.

Massimo Gordillo

My GF thinks you're a jerk. I think you're better than me at chess.

s sand


Riky lolailo

era c 7

King Diamond

Amazing content. This channel is the only thing keeping me around the bastards that are YouTube. Thanks for all your hard work!

Ludvig Anderson

3:53 missed winning move Nh5

Tim Veldhuizen

Pretty cool stuff! I wondered what would happen if you also provided a noise input (say a random number between 0 and 1). Would that allow the snake to become a bit more creative than simply keep tracing the walls? And what about a pulse, sine or other wave type input? Would the GA evolve the NN in such a way as to use those inputs at all, or would it evolve to make heavy use of those inputs? I've wanted to play around with a GA training a neural net, but I want to keep the network topology flexible, so that the GA can decide to grow the number of neurons in the inner layers. However, that poses a problem because the genome would need to get a variable length and that poses a problem for the breeding function. Perhaps it would make sense to mimic nature here as well and consider entities with such a different genome to be a different species so that they can only reproduce with other entities that have a similar network topology?

Devlin Le

Can you do the Vietnam war next?


" what language should i learn first ? " is, in no way, a stupid question. It is a valid one. Unless you're a young student planning on putting 4 years of studying before even thinking of making money out of it.I just hate it when i hear this "language doesn't matter" nonsense.

Simeon Borovansk

I am good at chess and math so easy


im from israel too!


I wonder why a lot of tourists go to Morocco!

Jchdud Jdudud

watch in 1.25 thanks me later

That Trini

What should be the length of the cross braces? The 1x2 cross braces. Anyone know what the length should be?


Hi Jerry, many thanks for this. It was, as you hoped, very instructive, at least for me.


41:48 Nor lady


u dont need to corner the king, you could just control ranks until u hit the last one and sidestep the king until hes forced to a back row mate

Guillermo Farfn Facundo

muy buena, profundizas muy bien excelente vdeo

Martin Slovk

He should playGiuco Pianissimo. Not Evans Gambit.

Mark Anthony as Prince


Krupa Vyas

Why is this video in my recommendations after 7 years lol!??

ibrahim elsherbeny


Jacob Lyn

I was able to connect myself with Capablanca but from second video he started winning so I lost the connection.

duy hoang

19:52The classic blunder

Kevin Miedema

oh no... oh no...


Nakamura is actually Magnus’ son

Rito Senpai

5 axis machines are beautiful !!1

American Otaku Inc.

Hey Titan. I just finished my metrology class in community college even though I never got to train on CMM equipment. But my question is this. If you have this Makino which has an equivalent amount of horsepower as a motorcycle then why are you cutting at only 5 inches a minute? I get that it’s titanium but it isn’t inconel or monel which is harder material. So why the slow cut rate?

Steven Sturgill

A true G


Little do they know the damn Cyan cartridge will always run empty and never produce the best quality product


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