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OMG! Mikhail Tal Goes For A Queen Sacrifice On Move 11

He never thinks, like these moves aren't obvious, not to me at least" lol :D.God Save the Queen!Paraphrased quote.This was so interesting and relaxing to watch.

Your game plan is made fromthose who doesnt know how to be expert.I can't find them anywhere!Tell them it's even easier, if you have amazing eyes.Thank you jerry (o: you are the best D.TEACH HOW TO PLAY CHINESE CHESS AND JAPANESE PORFA.

He's probably just a top GM.

He's probably just a top GM.

LMAO the Eric bits.White could have got the queen if the black square bishop to f8.Also the board wasinverted.Especially not when paid for by taxes.If he doesn't trade, then I can follow it up with Nc2, putting more pressure on his knight.

What a poor sport.

What a poor sport.

A Morphy for chess players should become the equivalent of an Emmy or a Grammy :P.Fantastic show as usual, keep these coming!Clearly you understand the frustration of watching and listening how-to videos drone on.I used to entertain my colleagues with a similar trivia about playing cards, coz they were less interested in chess or maths.Answer is 0 and 1.Trash talk is garbage ESPECIALLY when it's from people not playing.I am grateful since will now be able to average $5427 because of this web site here: Get PaidHome.Why you gotta depress me tho :( ?

Zaorane, teraz Naka.

Zaorane, teraz Naka.

Whats up with these pics of kids?Legit going to change the way I play just because of this.This is how 3D printed walls are being made isn't it?"Taking Math Out Of Woodworking"Me, a European, converting things like 39 and 316 inch to metric "Well that has been a lie".If I had one of those I'd hang it on a wall!


Finally found the Best Programming Channel!)

Eli Schultes

If I were to have designed the Sellers mallet I wouldn’t have a constant taper. Ergonomically thatseems contradictory tapered to keep the head on but still tapered to pop out of your hand.

Maysam Mirzakhalili

Thank you very much. I am very excited that you are working on these importance. How ever you are faceing other every day problems like me but you have a great mind to put them aside and think about these importance too. Great people , great managers.

Rusty Recovery

I think this is the last of all of your videos watched.I can see how your subs have jumped so quickly. Looking forward to more new ones. Great video as always.


Thank you for your comment

Tree Daddy

Love how the chess community has memes. Railing him with the "smooth" references.

hassan noor zaman dipu

4:44 pe white ne Queenkiu nehi liya


This is one of the videos I bring up in conversation every once in a while.

cooking with moona

Hy i m new friend plz visit to my channel


Those were some high level "cheapos"

Luke Maurer

Many thanks for not spoiling the ending in the thumbnail! The gradual buildup of holy crap was most enjoyable :-D

Bill Brandon

Could you do a video in cr oatian?

Emerald Fire

You lost my attention when the video game starred. Bye bye.

Greathel athea

Grabi talaga nakakaiyak


07:48 The white bishop drops back on d4 . Not the "black bishop" [dark square bishop would work]

Zuri Arsllani

Perfect lessons

which accent mark was i supposed to use again

I feel like the only one who's here because I need to learn French

John Varish

First time I've seen someone use honey locust on a project.  I love your clamp stand. Going to have to make a couple of those.

Cyrus Platinum

Perhaps back to basics for me. I just said that the first step has no real solutions, (and certainly does not equal zero) and thus the first step is where the real error lies. "Truth is, the problem was wrong from the start".

M31s Princesa

Mike, can you do a case for Caylee Anthony??Caysee Anthony is walking free but I still don’t buy that she is innocent

captain Hirose, Takeo

the best part is at 10:00

Matthew W.

Per the rules at 0:24, square roots shouldn’t be allowed. Just like cube roots aren’t allowed because that would be introducing the new digit of 3, square roots aren’t allowed because that would be introducing the new digit of 2.


Great channel, great coverage.


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