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One World Trade Center: Engineering an Icon

5:02: Wow, in that critical position Stockfish suggests h3 and evaluates the position with roughly 1.", I felt there exists something like "Skynet"."Chessly fashion:"I like that.10-0 from Komodo.

Finally found it it took me half hour.Bent Larsen get's a well deserved victory on your great chess channel.I think this is the system I will go with.Like 4 years ago.You got all of my suit but not number.

I had one Stanley 16" x 24",

I had one Stanley 16" x 24",

Really loving these videos!Thanks for sharing.With the pencil holder, just get a magnetic base and stick a magnet in it to keep it upright.I would have went straight to Qxe1 at 3:56.You are Unique !It is a pity Ojanen should have a chance to study chess like the greats Tal Fischer.Wish the commentator would stop moving the peaces arround so you can't see what's on board.Great interview to maybe my most admired chess player (which doesn't mean that he's been the best).Duuuuude wow man that beautiful.Plz contact number.

Rioters: people who are trying to survive Rikers:

Rioters: people who are trying to survive Rikers:

It is certain that he should resign?I laughed hard at 50:10 as well.Is it for swag only?Loved your video.Teach you the way of jedi I can.(Actual name of the song: He's a Pirate).If you look at who wrote this history then you come to realize that things don't add up!Not ntoepeos WIBEO SESOBSNI.

Just one bit of constructive criticism regarding the definition of the opposition: the first two criteria that you give (kings on same colour squares, and odd number of squares between them) imply one another that is, if the kings are on the same colour squares, then there will automatically be an odd number of intervening squares, and conversely.Taiwan fans give it good.Ay yo this guy cam to my school to do this.Hay iyak ako ng iyak thanks fir sgaring us.When I watch your videos I actually get a Bob Ross feeling, with all your positivity and showing and explaining how you make everythingYeah, Coding Bob Ross but a bit faster paced.I love you please keep making it.

Muhammed Shaker

What a game man

Ana Cabrera

Zach's suit OMG

Spyros Giantsoulis

The national assembly was something like the first COMMUNISM.

avinash reddy

Really good job praggana Babu very nicely played dear really u maked her fail badly at final situation :)

Teamtakage 2

No idea why this was recommended but you're damn right I stayed and watched the whole video

Onegai Matte

is that magnus carlsen in the thumbnail?

Rick Anderson


John McKeon

Victrola started the "rola" trend... Your teaching me about the "rola" trend... And I'm watching on a Motorola phone... Coincidence?

Ozan Demir

Suggestion Hi Agadmator. Couldyou please analyse the game between Dmitry Frolyanov and Nitzan Steinberg in World Rapid and Blitz Championship round 10. I suggest that because it's draw although it's a queen endgame but Frolyanov had a pawn at the 7th rank with white, and Peter Leko said "It's a game that I will remember because it's a very rare game that ended draw a queen against a queen and a pawn. Thank you :)

tillapudi krishna

Nice please upload the new vdeos

Rodney Wroten

like this tool it is awesome.

Daniel Filippus

Why does title say supercomputer and then follows a review with 2 humans?

Well, this is the kind of speech you should watch over and over again. God, am I glad I decided to click on this video at 4AM in the morning!

Chess Czar

I absolutely love these old-school games from the classical days of chess.Steinitz, Lasker, Alekhine, Chigorin, Morphy - all these guys were mercilessly brilliant.

Hectic Hector

Guys 3:24 Nc6 looks pretty good tbh. Why wasn't it played


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