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Oooh, more Nepo

I used minesweeper to teach myself JavaScript over 20 years ago.Shaun, brilliant tip.Pragananandha baap hai chess ka.

I recently made one,the seams are starting to separate,any suggestions?Bent lamination is fast and turns out well, Steam bending takes awhile for the lumber to cure in the mold but produces a better result.What the heck is this, am I the only one confusedThis guy stares at the board trying to figure out what to do for half the video.Wow what a moves bye kid.Ni-Te INTJ personality type.Good call getting rid of the subtle curve too let that sexy bottom speak for its self.California is gonna be the Dark Zone IRL real soon.2019, now I afraid for the aftermath of our last trip Digha IND on 21.

Quote : "In

Quote : "In

What happened at 1:09?In his 2001 mugshot, you can see that Gary's soul has long since vanished from his eyes.Good stategy for my game.29:27 epic fail.I am interested.I would so love to have nakamura in there too.Convergent Has a LimitDivergent Has no finite limitThank me later.You can make model supports out of the same color resin you use to encase the model.Maybe you could have saved a few forests and designed something a little less bulky.E4e5Nf3Nc6d4 Nxe4dxe5 NC5?

There is no need for two queens in

There is no need for two queens in

Especially when you alone.Who else when they were making the Kentucky maid and one of the ingredients was simple syrup thought of sir squeeze from how to cake it.00 I had Police, Sheriff and The Other Taxi Cab company in slots 1-3, National Park Rangers in 4th.6:54 just take the rook right?Which always massively excites me.Another bug lods.I wish he'd do more of that -) :D :D P.Thanks for the video Jerry!

Of 2 GOATS and Federer you

Of 2 GOATS and Federer you

Abraham lived 4000 years ago.Thank you Avenue X for the recommendation.Love ur content 3.19:14 thats GOOOOOOOTT.Sir plz Plz plz binomial theorm ke sum of series ka video upload kro plz sir.Okay no, I feel like this should be a 2 mins video.46:36 Yeah, he much better than I Rebecca Harris LOL.You were talking a mile a minute.2:01:36 cult classic dialogue.Who still play chess in 2019?

We were a couple weeks without power once, this would have truly made it easier.It makes me very happy to begin this journey!As in all of it, including the one on thin air.How to Build a Prince-of-Persia-Style Time-Rewind System?I think i saw a mate but they didnt -.Masterpiece by all means.Incredible positional game by A0!Vidioin sekali sekali Abang main catur nya.

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This Chess notation is a mix between a lot of Chess notations lol. The official one is the algebraic one in which instead you would write the followingBxNc6 = Bxc6 d7xBc6 = dxc6f7-f8 = Q ---- f8 = Q

David Hofmann

Very helpful, thanks!

Kenny Baker

Twork got smoked just proves it's allgas is what makes him great


If Nakamura is American how come he has a Canadian flag next to his ICC Username?

Tim Z

Does this guy ever talk about the games? Or just sit here and play them and leave us wondering why they are supposed to be the best RPG games?


Bombs from torpedoes.


One word became really weird, who can guess what word that is?

Jo Ash

Yes! I'm still here!

Mark Lewis

How does a Russian make that mistake?! It be like an American bringing a tennis racket to a baseball game. It's the Gulag for you. It is a beautifully made square log for a fireplace, but burn the evidence, take down the video, and redo everything before President Putin sees this!!!

Saswat Khakurel

Wonderful video.Love it.

Allan Carvajal

I came from Watching Hikaru blitz speedrum part 11 and now I can realize the difference between these 2 super grandmasters. But the way Hikaru is frequently doubting about his position and next moves, and the way Magnus normally feels confident about the moves and his position show us why he is the best in the world right now and probably the greatest in history (sorry for any possible mistake, im not native in english)

Fed up of listening " , " in all your videos repeatedly.

suleman duwakhana

I love the white's pawn development. It makes me wanna merry the chess board 4:01


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