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Opening Problems | Scotch | French | King's Indian - GM Yasser Seirawan

Well I guess as they say in good fellas- everyone takes a beating sometimes.All this video told me that Maggie getting that work.249:21 - lily's theme51:46 - dragon flight53:31 - courtyard apocalypse55:33 - a new beginninghope this helped :).This makes no sense, instead of Bishop to c5 king to e2 wins the game for white as a Bishop for pawn trade on a3 is winning for white and after white king gets to d1 there is no way for back to advance a pawn with out losing the game white wins.That 7 color map could've only used 6 colors in the first place.Great, very nice job.Amazing as usual!

God Bless you ms.Have you considered doing a KingQueen vs.What about Q-f5 11:55 giving check?

He has been attacked more than any

He has been attacked more than any

Thanks, now I have to go take some Dramamine!I know, I know, it wouldn't have been easy to get that to curve as well, and you would've needed thicker stock.46:25 Bc7 instead of castling looks like it wins a knight strangely enough.What a great video, we used to bring logs out of the bush with a bobsled.All in all, your final project came out amazing.I didn't know Tim Hortons coffee can be used on wood?Loved the inlay.

Somebody said rebuttal some shit real quick!5:14 white should pawn e5 with check and grab the queen.Com at the same time.AND THIS IS AN OLD COMMIE COOT WHO WANTS TO TAKE ON THE ESTABLISHMENT.Magnus inability to lose gracefully and sense of entitlement was overblown.Awesome Workmanship, and the Video is Equally impressive !Hickies are only for nikes?

Hey, why at 20:00 is it not an option for black Rh8.Magnus vs stockfish you saw it here first :P.Am I the only one who thought when he said bishop d6 move it sounded low key sexy.Nicolson file used to be in Anderson IN USA, now reduced to chinesium.(forehead slap)."Cthuhlu Macula".Whether Carlsen loses time?That might have an influence in their ability to conduct offensive operations thereafter.Often enough now?

We wanna know where you use that 30

We wanna know where you use that 30

I got no clue about chess and dont see why he lost.There's a novel approach to the game!Make a video for a DIYer not a tackle tart, with a double garage full of power tools that would put Norm Abram to shame!Lol, the person you're playing against has the name of what I consider to be the funniest sounding Element.Lmao I solved this at the start of the video.What is the desk that is shown at the beginning of the video?Al Sweigart is a great author if you want to learn python from his books.Age of empires 2 anyone?Also, why not just trim the inside corners of the box square, instead of rounding over the bottom panel?1:15 Meeting the 2 Knights Defense Traxler Variation19:25 Playing the King’s Gambit with 3.

George Hatzis

This cue is absolutely beautiful!!! <3


Has Magnus Carlsen seen this video? I wonder what he thinks of this.

Jonathan C

Interesting to see an endgame with a minor piece and lots of pawns. Capablanca shows everyone how to do it.

Faizel Rahiman Khan

Awesome, simple and precise

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28:50 Knight into f4 Followed By bishop g5 forces white King to h7 results in Knight h5 capture

restituto quintayo

Napanuod ko yan IM rod iling ng iling c gary tapos biglang umalis

Dean Oldfield

I still have a superheterodyne in the closet.

Son Kibiro

3:08 ...huh... and here I thought after all this time I was the only one who called my grandfather grandpap that somewhat makes me...happy


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