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Our Taxi Driver Was Not A Chess Enthusiast | Tal vs Botvinnik 1960. | Game 4

What a IDE use it to build this amazimg game.Yang2020 automation is insane.Work is excellent he is overacting and talking too much bored never ever gonna watch your work again.The kid enjoys flagging his enemies.

You may have your VPN, but I still know you're at O'Hare!Much money, but it looks like some early laser shows on walls.How are you Mato,.

So damn satisfying.

So damn satisfying.

Speelman the stinkiest scruffiest bastard ever to grace a chessboard.Did China unleash this virus because their people seemed a little too happy and they needed to put some dread back in the population?Religion is a Poison.I won't hint at who I'm directing that toward.I clapped unintentionally at the end.Com please friend me.

This kid will be going places.Do you have a git hub for this code.If the battery from group A is charged it means the4 batteries of group 2are not charged.First class presentation and instruction.But even in his early days, I would never have classified him as a hip hop artist.Math is the most mindblowing thing ever, becouse our brains are just bad with numbers.Kinh nghim 15 nm c khc :).The 6 other poses tho 2:37.This story is so confusing.

Boris e kishte lojen te humbur

Boris e kishte lojen te humbur

I dont even know how this works.Pretty dam cool.Employ me, I'll work for free !It’s kinda like an indirect face-reveal.Lol I was expecting from the thumbnail that this guy nepo beat magnus in the game but nah he's laughing because of the rook which carlsen castled in it.thaan enthra inch chathu?If you believe in the same thing!Wonder what it sold for?Damnit vat19 stop selling awesome but overpriced stuff!

This is about 45 minutes

This is about 45 minutes

Anh c chi c trn chess.Thx for the share!4:19 here is why xuxin is world rank n.I'm f ing blocking this channel.She’s gone from me but has not rest her head.

Mnh Hip Nguyn


Brian Ramrez

30:51 you could also perform a checkmate just moving the pawn

Doug Graham

To all the commenters asking about cost...and especially those who are claiming "it's all right":No, it is not all right.Asking the cost of something like this, a unique, custom commissioned work, is extremely rude.DEMANDING it is even ruder.The craftsman here is sharing the details of how he made it, so that those of us who want to have something similar can make it ourselves.Or, if you don't have the skills, the tools, or the time, you can write him PRIVATELY and inquire about a commissioned work of your own.If you were at a craft show and he had this board out on the table for sale, then it would be OK to ask, "How much is that?"But in this context, it's not.

Hussain zidane

Beautiful, this was shortest 20 minutes in my life

Pixel Donkey

1:07 it can still knock down stuff

Henrik Larsen

Hello, iv'e learned so much from your video, and just want to share my try code, as iv'e made a method that checks if a winning condition has been met (instead for copy pasting the if statements) and a simple way to solve the bug, when winning the game by pressing the last button. To solve the bug change if (!mResults.Any(result => result == MarkType.Free)) to if (!mResults.Any(result => result == MarkType.Free) !mGameEnded)). Keep up the good work!My code from CheckforWinner():///

/// Checks of there is a winner of 3 buttons in a line/// public void CheckForWinner()// check win (make winning condiction) and change content of colors cells content green//rowsCheckwin(0, 1, 2)Checkwin(3, 4, 5)Checkwin(6, 7, 8)//columnsCheckwin(0, 3, 6)Checkwin(1, 4, 7)Checkwin(2, 5, 8)//diagonalCheckwin(0, 4, 8)Checkwin(6, 4, 2)// Check for full board and no winnerif (!mResults.Any(result => result == MarkType.Free) !mGameEnded)mGameEnded = true// Turn content of cells orangeContainer.Children.Cast


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