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Out of Africa: Blitz Stream Matches with GMs Alireza Firouzja and Igor Miladinović

Ithinktheywillbehumiliatedintheir defeat.Watching this was a lot of Fun!What is a hypermodern opening.Nandaya sya eh hahaha pero magaling talaga sya kaso nga nandaya.I struggle with cases like this.Always California, weather born In or moved to, always California.Why are genius's so fun to watch?Can i get this game in playstore or not.

Do you have a video on recommended books on chess, especially endgames and tactics?I find that disrespectful towards the players and the viewers.Hi Steve, I would just li,e to say how much I enjoy your videos and to say you are a very good 'teacher'.Sorry missed that someone had suggested this.Medyo same to ng lolo at lola ko.Is bad strategy.Only to get lost in a zugzwang of every comment from 9:54 to 9:58 and completely forgot about the game for about 15 mins as for i couldn't stop laughing.I remember my mother urging me to tell my dad, "I want to go see Mabel and Nell.

Mate, that is absolutely beautiful.What brand and type of linear bearings did you use?I got all 5 correct no lies.Hey, guys love your work.Is that done using Spine?This is a beautiful work of functional art amazing job.Really nice chess board.By adding the solid wood faces before cutting the panel dados will save a lot of time.

We are gifted to witness this 3 Goats in the same era.Greetings from Iraq.Spassky is a class act, indeed.Russia ia an Annexious-Barbaric-Nomad nation.I don't know a better player in Poker than Daniel.

Would you explain the queen’s?Why dont you play f6 when white Bishop went to g5 to attack black's queen?But it's a forced checkmate in 2 so maby that was the easyest of the mates to spot?Nu m n tng th Sao anh.What a poor sport.Those blue eyes though :D.Paisa vasul game.2019 septemberil kaanunnavar undo.

"so let's say your watching the NBA.I really love your channel u actually got me into chess but i think you have an issue with difficulty when u say a move is hard i find it very fast when u say a move is standard or easy to find i never do.Nice desk Shaun.I used 14" oak for some nice small boxes, but I finally settled on 316" plywood from Home Depot as my usual choice.It's Time for The Division 2 Check out the new video for it here :." at the start of the videos.Is the "expected time" the time where 50% of the cases resulted in all 6 germinating (if the experimented repeatedly)?

And Bob's your Auntie!

And Bob's your Auntie!

Paisa vasul game.How will that weather?90% of that game was beyond my comprehension (at present).I always get excited to see a notification that GZ has a new video up!Make that video and then I'll be impressed.Why did black have to trade bishopknight?

martyn gregory

Thank Man always on the look out for Aussie content creators

Dat Raucous

Tal was a mad Genius my favorite Chess player.

Daniel Ramirez Cruz.

Great video professor I love it thanks... great cnc machine...


alireza on a losing streak LOL


I for one welcome our AI masters


I got all correct

nur fitru


Monish Reddy

It is so irritating when you change the camera angle..the angle was very fine and you change it all of a spoiled the beauty of the match and thanks for the mini heart attack at 16:24.

Hazan Yaslica

This is literally a maths question

Tori Vinciguerra

vat19how much pepol are there?

MOREL Renaud

That awkward moment when you need to play the video at speed 0.25 to understand what's going on...


i can't take karpov's face looking at me like that, like he's amused at my pathetic chess skills or something.... just there, like :), smiling at me like he knows all my secrets

Jared McEntire

Who won?

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