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Owari no Seraph AMV What I've Done

Fantastic job, i’m speechless!Hay hay lm bn oi.It's an electro magnet, needs electricity to power the magnet.This is bull shit drama.

But it’s just that, he has to redeem himself.Just why do you pronounce ceNNer?Halo Anna rudolf, please add me as you freinds on Lichess and Chess.When playing with inferior players it’s very risky not to dispatch them quickly.But to just sit around sipping expensive booze and buying overpriced designer whatever isn't my idea of a meaningful life.What would Carlson have done to get checkmate.One of the best BB that I have seen.

Lol, you guys really censor the word "trump"

Lol, you guys really censor the word "trump"

If Rf7: Qxh7, Kf8, Qh8If h6: Qg6 and then white should win regardless of black's next move.Hand pussied my guitars to existance.Amazingly instructive analysis as usual.Keep up the good work Jerry!I ordered the door since i dont have all the machine.Awesome build and the pieces match perfect.How does this work in 3D?

Definitely better with the

Definitely better with the

I think 10 years.All about chess endgame studies at www.Please kill your kid.This is entirely sad.My mind can't even process if that's the case.After 15 minutes it sounds like he says senpai and not sandpile.The registration questionnaire wanted to know the age and sex of your children AND your annual income.Zato bi crni iao kraljem na d2 kad to ne dobija.Did you know aboutHakim Zakaria Razi ?

1:23:24 Qxb2 was

1:23:24 Qxb2 was

Very very funny.Did you have someonewatch all the attic holes when someone actually went up into the attic.Agree about the wedges.Really nice boards and this informative video!A4 Q x RLost a sure win.He’s so freaking funny.Looks time consuming.

Obviously I also use it to have

Obviously I also use it to have

Now I anticipate playing chess, PORTAL CHESS :D.It’s sad to see such a legend retire so young.Music makes it times better I wish I lived forever to see what advancement we as human make, supernova, what we find in vast Cosmos, interstellar travelling etcBut alas we only have limited time.This still has the old bright side intro.What a garbage person.I really thought you were trolling us.Yes cuz women want to do shoppimg duh.I don’t want the tools, just the money.


I can only trust this company to keep my 3D printer free of trouble: welcome!

Sharaf Sharafu

How can i use solid red food colour in it?

rohan tiwari

Sir I want to a panic button which gives massages when any action occurs to registered mobile number

Sindhuja Sai

WHAT if time IS the 4th dimension? Because from whatever I have learnt, and understood about 4th dimension, i observed that the hypercube looked like a cube whichwas moving from one place to another and growing smaller with time as we see in the projection 11:06. Now in 3 dimensions, we see an object at only one time instant (like a frame in a movie) but i am speculating, in the 4th dimension, they might see the whole journey of an object from one point to another which might appear to them like a whole new object that they assume to be their dimension's solid (like in the hypercube 10:43). try spinning the pencil with your hand. you closely observe it and italmost looks like a sector of a circle or something but we won't be able to see the whole thing at that instant of time itself.edit: in 11:06 the vertices of the cube are joining with the respective vertices of the front cube.anyways, thanks for sharing such valuable information, it was absolutely fun learning about it.

Skyler Smith

Me: ha look at this stupid snake it still keeps failing!Also me: realizes it can play better than I can

Hgod Ghro

Pro chefGay chef

John Michael

wow what a game

sohan bd

Nice excellent

Bully Proof

Every single time I get a chuckle out of the cutting shenanigans. Never gets old

Ray Jim

Impressive deep manipulation. Why this guy hasn't reach 2700 club is perplexing

The CB project

no body:not a single soul:literally absolutely no one:Chris: W A D D I N G

Lord Jock

I solved the candleproblem by pretending it wasnt there


They need to make a good sketch-up app for the ipad to use the apple pencil on. I use linea but still wish sketchup was available


Good video.I really wanted to see how you connected the curved piece to the flat top. But you didn't show that

K. H.

I have never seen nicer comment sections than in the comments of a Studio Ghibli music video. Y'all are great

ProBe Like

1:00 what if they play bishop to c5?

crane l

Could your company get a hold of meI like what your doing with CNC machines and training I want to open my own shop.

Oyuncaklarla Oyunlar

please visit my channel :)


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