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Panda Macaron パンダマカロンの作り方 - OCHIKERON - CREATE EAT HAPPY

Amazingly instructive analysis as usual.Tom my boi flew out the back door lol.That table will last a lifetime.2:05 maybe that rook is there to save a turn?I wanted to ask you if you could share the type of epoxyresin that you used to make the table?I hate running out of motivation mid project.My hand, or my confidence in my hand, isn't steady.And that demon is the one the blew pattys spirit box up.

This is so entertaining that Im

This is so entertaining that Im

I loved the first shot!HE IS LEGENDARY CHESS PLAYER FUKK!Wow, Naka speaks English really well.Tagalog English Edition!21:55 why another day ?Even if the person only "drives by" several times a week or day, call the police EVERY TIME!3 is not a Camaro!Then: they say goodbye and find out they forgot it.

If Carlsen had OJ

If Carlsen had OJ

1:56 why Tengri looks devilishI mean sprit animals may be okey but this is so wrong according to turic mongolic legends the Tengri is a kind god.I don’t care how long the videos arethey could be a 2 hr movie and I would watch it Can’t wait for the next.I wrote a review on the product, and my review doesn't even show up, guess they are suppressing bad reviews.Cxd4 %clk 00:26:24 Rxe1 %clk 00:47:55 23.Ganyn mga Ibang Tao.It's as if they plan to meet their pal Bobby for cocktails after the video.

I can see the strategy developing that I

I can see the strategy developing that I

From your tutorial, sure people can make a game, if they can follow the speed, and copy everything, but they won't be able to make it again, or make a similar game.YOU CAN CAL THIS INSIX.At about 13:26 he says that black Kh4 is playable, but doesn't white just play Rc4?After a long time we heard the word "Dubious" by Suren.Pelan2 dong nerangkannya.Boy you code real fast.The Greeks knew that the medians always cross.Don't really get the point.I've had plenty of games where i declined changing pieces and lost so you gotta know where to what if you are winning simplify but i hate changing everything early and getting in the end game im mostly good in middle game.Waw mam super tq so much.

Where can you find the mold for the sun?Its 5am i have no use for this i will forget this why did i watch this?I just wanna know who won.Like you can see something walking.Love how you're like "This is some beautiful cabling" and the customer didn't see it that way at all.Like the center finder and the square.Mos 390059-01 2 pins missing.

A little tease on the chair.Great stuff :) Would you like to be YouTube friends?Easy like anything.Great job with your woman.Why the hell areso many serial killers named Carl?"I'm glad he got that it was binary.12:53 But will it vape?Just thought to suggest when you use thid board after every move you should pause a bit to see what youre doing sometimes he was moving so many pieces without standing back i couldnt see how be ended up in certain positions.

Congratulations, the board and inlay turned out beautiful.If you continue to be so simple like this, your channel would be among greatest hits of all times !The kid is achess monster.Funny how terra means earth and stella means star.Needless to say, that's a big red flag.

Pierre Carvalho

I'll save you 1h:What he's just saying is --> Think algorithm not coding

GMP funny video Yoyo

Ashwin please make more videos

Test Test

Just use a new cloer for every new number easy I guess...

Random Brown Guy

18:38 Re-3!!

enis bilyap

Chess you don’t learn, chess you understand. Viktor Korchnoi


thanks man now it all makes sense


In other news grass is green


At 13:22 Rook D8 and you would have won ...

Helen Landerstedt


hoang dang

I think best move is Qc6 If Black plays Bxc6 then Rd8 Qc8 Rxc8 If Black plays bxa6 then Rd8 Qc8 Rxc8 If Black plays Qf8 or Rg8 then Qxb7 If Black plays Qc8 then Nxb7Qxb7 Rd8

new and old tech

Need a name, Bic perhaps? Maybe a printer is less complicated? lol

carstino cartino

fall 0:56-1:22-3:09

Bob Thelob

It’s like shitting on 2 birds with one sitting

J.M tv Vlogs

Mewatching rigth now March 2020.

Umayeer TGMP

69K Likes. Noice.

Caleb Brinyark

This is great, I've been working on an informative speech for school about chess. Anything about the history or something else I should look to include in it?

Elizabeth Martin

The dog is so cute

Stephen C

Are we a cult?

Ljubia Kneevi

when are the tournaments? how can i know so i can join one?

Julian Nash


Kitty squad Playz

You have got bed wars music


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