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Looks absolute cool Joel.Baru kemudian pion maju.It's not so bad to take it with you.When Jerry yells "I dont have anything!WARSHEP WARSHEP WARSHEP.I can't see the pieces and positions clearly.That is beautiful.I just finished the 3rd quarter on the tennis rink!

Thank you for your answeres.Would love to see you do one."The fuck you factor"?Linus, this is actually 9th-grade Economics, my teacher used this in class as an example of how world events affect the economy, and you made it interesting.I really hope Ding wins the candidates, because his playing style sometimes is very aggressive.Immature chess player.I'd give him a 1700 rating against Tals 2700.Thank you Bobby Fischer for inspiring me further.

Ding in better position how can he lose

Ding in better position how can he lose

Or is there anything available like that?Can someone explain what happens if you capture with queen instead of rook at15:32.Time to bring that knight back into the game (moves to f6).So real life problem AND a problem you wanna solve (aren't those the same thing anyway?I remember this kid He beat me like shit during the 2008 zonal match.Both missed many simple tactics.The entire lichess team was left stunned at his incredible gesture.Plus, men have different interests than women, that's all.That was a great game.

Thank you for sharing :).Good job Quick learner.Bet that kid had fun beating him though :P!How many coffee grinders up until now?I'm going to do this at the bank and put an offer them like this.Awesome board, I love your work.Nice garden and melody.

I love your fun and lighthearted demeanor.Thank you so much and I look forward to seeing much more of your videos :).It is so easy to do.Grimstroke lmao.Magnus is a funny guy.

First comment of 2020.If that crashed i can't imagine what kind of servers Hypixel use.My answer is 6 attempts.Also something that won't crack and peel off with consecutive uses?I need them all!Also natural colourfast purple (and to a lesser extent blue) dyes were fairly rare and difficult to make, producing small quantities from large material inputs.This is called Some Board Shit with Lasers, not chess.

Sencond best commentator team.You've got to be in a total dark ignorant.Thanks a lot igor but my only question is can u make a third part and tell what to do if black play symetrically with b6 or opposes the bishop with g6.There was no counterplay, he missed a free bishop.Apki resipic bhot hi esye or testi hoti h.ERROR :i is not the square root of -1.When I reached the point where I needed to use binomial theorem and make things very messy, I knew there would be another elegant solution but I was in too deep.

Brendan Whelan

Wait a minute. Let me get this straight. People are sending this guy donations of $2,750 to post videos where he just simply recreates and narrates a chess game? Meanwhile Australia is on fire. What a crazy world.

Santana Dey

Which game is dis

Ashleigh Modglin

i love how john sensed how uncomfortable eugene was and then joined the group hug

Tommaso Bruni

suggestion Zhenevsky - Lasker, Moscow 1925, because Lasker sometimes won too!

Reece Swaby

To stop whites queen h6 knight g5 couldn't he have just moved his pawns on e6 and g6 so the queen will be threatened if it's on h6?

Pierre Fauthaux

Wow, this game was absolutely amazing. Sacrifice after sacrifice but only one of them accepted at the very end. And I agree that early develeopment of all pieces is one of the most important positions. I have a question Mato: Queen vs Two Rooks endgame, with the rest of the material same and no passed pawns. Which side would you take?

Only my Railgun

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I was going to watch hardcore porn then i got this notification from GMHikaru

MrBeast is the best Youtuber ever

The earth spins 365 laps in a year



Orsolya Horvth

Hey, it's cool!! :) Can I use this for my project?


This is so relatable

Fridge Magnet

" I think I'm making a masterpiece." I think you are correct.


That was a bloody p1sser, top notch job mate, clever, well thought out and well made. I may even make one myself I was so impressed. Thank you very much.

louis tournas

Is there a video about how to add a second hard drive? Where should I mount it to? Let's say I need more space to install programs?Under Windows, I can have programs installed to D:Program Files.I can add another hard drive and install to E:Program Filesand so on.


Wow!! What a sick attack by Morphy!!! The man was 100 years ahead of his peers. He was just toying with them! hahaha

luciano stizzoli

You surpassed Badabun's video in views! It's fakeness is more popular than it's...emm...speed...

christopher Suttles

Is that they screw bag you talked about in one of the podcast?. Cool.

Bear Wolf

me ears ta blood clart

Jared Steele

Yours English have improve much

James Arte

I like how Jan seems to enjoy it even when it is puzzling and ends badly for him.He seems like a nice guy.

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