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Look forward to more clips added into games.Thanks a lot, you are a great shower of queen sacrifices.If queen is cut by the black's king then what next ?

E6 is the mainline, played in 511 games on chessgames scoring 3825.Ottawa Ontario Canada.The first one with the knight didnt make sense.It is easy to conceptualize.Damn, I was gonna put a 2060 3GB in my computer which is 300$ at the moment.Thanks for sharing.And you are really using TOOOOOOO MUCH Glue, i had never see that in my life.One thing nags me about 8 tracks, the fact that the tape is pulled from the center hub which is traveling at a smaller linear velocity (not to be confused with angular velocity) than the outer edge of the spool of tape.Alpha Zero at least has moved onto folding proteins to find a cure for cancer.

Learn some English

Learn some English

I have tried to do these types of things, the nifty recipes,and failed and I thought it was because I'm just a bad cook.However, on the first few minutes of the video where black plays h5 instead of h6, black can actually play for the c5 pawn break in response to white's attack on black's h5 pawn and chess.I actually get some insight while enjoying the exciting games unfold.NYC like sidtalk.So i need you guys to smash that like button turn on all my notifs and remember to come follow me on Instagram and twitter im dropping a new video tomorrow sneak peak will be on Instagram FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM ME ON TWITTERMY NEW FACEBOOK PAGEwww.

There are more, but

There are more, but

But i really want a skin of guinevere the amethyst dance skin.Also very instructive ending!My dad will never fail in these tra my dad will never fall into the straps in every chess player traps.Totally loved your method of doing this!You have a great design eye and strong carpentryproblem-solving skills.I love all and every single tutorial you make for us!Alguien tiene el reglamento para pasarmelo?

TKD Bradster

So does your king bove both spaces in 1 move?

ronnie millsap

No thank you. I'll keep killing two birds with one stone.

Arajeet N sikdar

Nice Indian




Yes very nice, I thought of the same card three times and you got all of them correct

Yan1808 2002


Zeno Gekkouga

soviet's planning to win the space race 1967 colorized

rohit kohli



XKCD? TRUMP 2020 KAG!!!!!11!!!1

Priyank Rastogi

At duration 10:43, if black will move knight from e5 to g6 then I think game will change a lot... Can you deduce further

Ms Erie

Ah yes, my favorite content genre. Panicked gay. sDSDFH


In the Philippines people live in cemeteries. Literally.

youssef kraiem

48:13 the white should've played queen to b3, threatening checkmate or eventually winning a bishop.


Guy you just keep getting better and better. What a piece of art

Thomas L.

Jay, you’re very thorough in your presentation and enjoyable to watch and listen to Thank you!

Hicham Habboub

How can i play vs you in i have all peaces and you the half

Helen / Alena Shkurov

Yes you can learn to draw in five days, but no guarantee you'll be good at it!Art is like a language, you can't be fluent in it by day five you need lots of practice... And it takes definitely more than six months to master it!!


"And if you can't figure out that's ninety minutes, you're gonna struggle with the whole exam" You didn't have to attack me like that

Ishaan Shrivastava

7:31 doesn't white have qf6, threatening to take the queen and if the queens are exchanged simply capture back with the knight and fork the king and the rook?

vittorio marano

There are several chess analyst in the web...but you're the finest by far.

Floyd Barber

Starts at 4:24No thanks


i hope this teaches everyone that it is possible to take something that was once broken and turn it into something better than it already was. c':


Thanks Grant.

Wikola Wokic

I don’t know how to play chess

David Earnest

Rotsa Ruck! That's How!

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