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Permutation & Combination | Principle of Inclusion and Exclusion | Ghanshyam Tewani | Cengage

What if I want the outside edge to be live too.This ad is better than any other.0:11 shinmen takezo OwO.The average age of the pimple faced kids watching this weak guy is about 15.

5:33 Lincoln looks like he could split a Watermelon with his head.When he said we hit the battery that part was really funny.On the contrary, pro chess players have it tough, too.He use to move them from Waterton Canyon on to a C5 or the Antonoff and flew them to the cape.I think the Drunken Woodworker mentioning you is going to get people hooked!Thanks for the video.Hey, Moe you should come to the uk we got a lot of haunted places here that you and friends would love to visit x yoooo TOM my booooy!Imagine trying to draw then your pencil bends.The most boring comment u got to improve.I'm the hottest Artist coming outta Selma, Alabama.

16:52 Is that Ron Swanson?Best match ever by artificial intelligence.To draw that map 'properly' with only 4 colors you would have to swap CA with NV (so that Nevada was dark blue, CA light blue), and similarly with Ohio and Kentucky.The highlight of my week.I live in an apartment!Is there such concept in chess?

A master teacher

A master teacher

I have literally nothing do to with chess.I was stuck with basics and this might be the lever that un-stucks me.I did enter magic chess and then after that I can't play it anymore.I didn't see Nb1 followed by f3, but I still wouldn't have played Nb1, even if I did.He should have bought a VW Golf and helped someone with the change!Ay Barbie sabi kona, Sabi ko na Barbie eh.3am is called the devils hour for a reason dude.I thought I was a straight male until I watched this video.



Fares Oueslati

you forget the rook on a7

Matthew Schaeffer

Looks amazing!

Bill Newman

My goodness.


i've been watching your videos for a couple of years now, but i still don't know what you are doing everytime you say "sorry about that" at the beginning of each (other) video


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