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Peter Svidler analyses Carlsen - Grischuk, Norway Chess 2019

How would one connect two half adders, exactly?Four Corners Official Trailer (2013) HDp.That was one of the most creative the projects I have ever seen!Makes me want to check Yasser Seirawan's books, in case he is as great a writer as a lecturer.

Hahaha is that lycan.Bobby is way better in this format than when he’s being Kim Jung-Un on TB.Haha as a 1700 myself the one thing you don't want to do is play instantly vs a world champion at blitz.As more moves are made the game gets increasingly complex.I think 4 players can play at a time.Karpov is one of my favorite players and such a gentleman.

How do u blow out the Match.

How do u blow out the Match.

Very good, beautiful work!First Time I see one of your Videos.Some of those girls were shot in the same room prob his.Hii yesterday I tried this cake it comes very well am so so happy and my family also.I respect what you did personally for me Antonio, you made me fell in love chess more and I am improving every time, I started to pick up such thing as 'tactical thinking' while making decisions.Who hates this channel?Thanks againGod Christ Bless.Ng kia nh vi qu.28:00B H 4 is winning because black made a move wo changing its primary structure.

Daii mutta payale porumaya pesuda onnume purila.

Daii mutta payale porumaya pesuda onnume purila.

Good video with good explanation.He was quite an endgame virtuoso.5:12 why didn’t he take on f2 with his bishop threatening the rook?Switched down setting to 0.Hah, your computer thinks that composing colors to windows vista is more important than chess.Very instructive!What is the centrigrate in oven and time.Thanks For The Tips!Thanks for uploading the video.

Hello friends we are back with another youtube video plz like nd subscriber my youtube channel and press that bell icon so that you never miss a video from easy coding.Hate to be that person loved the vid did not like the music should have had it super quiet almost to the point of not being ave to here it but I really love the craftsmanship on this piece.How about the first ever living organism through all of the history of Earthwe are all descended from him!You got me at then end.U calling yourself Americans when I think u r from England.However in my ranking rage(300-500), they always respond to that by chasing the bishop away with their pawns.And romans didn not archive any advance in knowledge than the Egyptians did some millenniums before them.Looks more like a queen blunder than a sacrifice.

Was it a blitz game ?(At age 8 I was always the motor).When do you upgrade your workshop !I love your videos, any chance of getting instructional videos in near future?In the last game can someone explain the way checkmate after black king do c8?Very nicely done.

Record changers with small spindle had large spindle 45 adapters that allowed you to play a bunch of 45s, but you couldn't intermix sizes.Made me happy to see you doing it.Awe this is life baba.They are easy to test and easy to replace.Suggestion anand vs Wesley so 2nd blitz game.You must know that.This is awesome craftsmanship!Such sensitivity.

Paul Leitner

Thank you for this series.

The Film Fanatic

7:19 haha

Bryant R

Who betta den Kanyon???

Jarvis Jamar Jarvison Lamar

I really likes the footage inside the video it made my mood better,hope seeing moreof live footage in your videos,thank you.

Gaurav Kumar

plz give me the whole source code for this


You wouldn't happen to cnc products for customers, would you?


Mikhail "zwischenzug" Tal

Vedanta PG Girls College Ringus Dist Sikar

how to use this file in excel


Hikaru is a beast at blitz but so is grischuk. Maybe Hikaru is slightly better at rapid due to better time management..? Or rather, grischuk being horrible at time management and always in time trouble.. Lol

Todor Kolev

I live in London and it sucks. I wish I was in Berlin, a much better city!

jeanelle paguio

We you have?z(WeA.


orlando bloom could play errol flynn if he wanted to.....

sinan ayaz

Qa3 new meme

Casey Cleveland

What a versatile composition!

Zedd Z

"If you have the right friends".......

Wolf NZ Outdoors

Our rotary phones had the numbers going the other way. Zero was in the same spot, but one was next to it and the numbers increased clockwise around the dial.

lola johnson

It's beautiful, you're very talented

Cody Mcknight

Loved both the houses lol nice work! You have a gift and it shows in your work,would have enjoyed watching lil house being built as well very cool!

False Flag

the dislikes are from vegans...


I would not consider a 2700 to be a 'Super-Grandmaster' well, since this title doesn't exist anyway (or, say, it's unofficial) and these barriers (2400, 2500 etc.) people choose are all arbitrary... so, long story short: I'd say that to be a 'Super-Grandmaster' one should be above 2725 (which is the minimum Elo to be eligible to the Candidates Tournament). -)P.S.: Rapport's peak rating is 2721.


This is the most advanced nixie clock ive seen! Would be cool if they make the boards available for custom nixie builders who want to use their own type of tubes!

elijah Xbib

3:49... Wow.. I guess I think like a grand master after all!


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