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Hello my blog

Pick up the odd

Well if you have a good enough blog that is worth something on flippa, why would u sell it ?So literally CARLSEN shot himself on the foot for saying that CHUCK NORRIS played a "dumb" move.Haha you can't take the king literally.No math required.Commtest: My son just said drop a drum of ublek.Uncle Rico’s past was a little dirtier than they let on huh.

19:12 Name that tune:William Tell Overture!My brother: 5 times in a year!The tumbnail reminds me of the periodic table.1:25 For white, the weak square is f2.Great video, loved every second!Beautiful attack by Breyer.It's new home is neatly suspended, above me!There must be some thing to the neuro elasticity arguments.Incredibly beautiful and precise workmanship.

First Time I see one of your Videos.He had two wins, a loss and a draw.Thanks for sharing.DO A PURPLE PILLOW.You also appear to start with a new project inside a solution already containing several projects.

I'm learning all the time in chess, but also about my temperament in general from these pop quizzes.Super explanation mam thank u.I love the honesty in the South African player's header.Where can I find a guy like Will turner?Griffin on the phone was hilarious.Can you please tell us if there is any shortcut for the question-If 5 letters are posted for 5 different addresses, how many ways are there for each of the letters to reach wrong addresses?What oil did you apply?The animation for the knight could be better.Didi kya hum beking soda ke badle eno use kar sakte.

Mehedi Hasan

I think loosing is becoming a mystery to Magnus.


Can you discuss something about middle games .

Christa Nescholta

You did an amazing job. I love this cake, it's so beautiful. I hope, one day I have the opportunity to bake exactly this cake.

Killer Troller

Wow that's good


wait isn't 9:00 draw also? after 1) .. Kc8 2) Kd6 Kd8 3) c6 bc 4) Kxc6 Kc8

Mark M

Hello, Great job, will have to order those Bessy clamps, I think they are better than the Irwin.


I am sorryThere are so many things wrong with this, i love your channel, i really do, but this is, this hurts So lets startWhat you are sharpening is a V-Edge, V-Edges are weaker then Convex or scandi, (convex being the result you reach with a normal sharpening stone) We wanna get away from the V-Edge, thats why professional sharpeners use wheels, they reach a similar result.Next up, the stones that you used are wheatstones, with these stones you are only to use water. Oil is a no go, absolutely a no go. Another tip, the leather you used was waaaay to soft. This ruined your edge, and your knife wasnt as sharp. To simplify it, it wraps around the edge and the destroys the edge. ANOTHER TIP: Before you stow away your knives, i would recommend you rub them in with oils. Another tip: buy ONE expensive knife, i can recommend Dalstrong (you have great robust knifes), with g10 garolite handelsHere i cant tell you which one (which knife to buy), but i believe you are better in cutting stuff then i am, thus you know what knives you like. Again, this is no hate, i hope you understand. Greetings from Switzerland


First class work absolutely fantastic humour , I would pay to see and listen to you Sir.

Tanupat Kontha

2:33 why ??


Thats like a rolex clock.No ticking.


18:17 oof

Fred McIntyre

Awesome clamps!

Joel Tchitchi

Who else came here just to watch Agadmator?

Mark Shinton

A work of art, thanks for sharing

Dave Friedman

Haha nice one

sng nguyn


Saneesh sani


Path in AZ

Nice. Try some WD-40 to remove the stickers..


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