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Pink's Picks! | 56 Minute Pink Panther and Pals Compilation

2700 elo player didn't find this first easy mating combination Rxb7?OOOHHHH COOOLLLLOOOORRRRRSSSSSA.Kaiyak naman itech!Up until I learned about Genetics and Embryology as a Zoology major at a University decades ago, I was an agnostic Darwinian Evolutionist.

I'm coming to y'alls house next emergency.I know you play in the icc pool and in lichess tournaments, but as somebody without an icc membership and with an aversion to bullet, it would be a lot of fun.How not to build a cue.He looks odd in that picture you show!

I think you have enough subscribers from Indonesia, and also I think you have never covered an Indonesian chess grandmaster."Crap I lost a piece".Thank you for sharing.I would never have played H4, again, conclusively proving I'm not Tal.Neither is protected and they can't protect each other.

Your work and time are

Your work and time are

It would take a lot if time, but why not forget about the clear resin to hold up the chains.Your voice, manners, and stability are outstanding and make you a consummate professional.Thank you Jerry.It's a pleasure to see the way you work.AMATUR S VIDO - LI R.Please slow down a bit i can't follow the movements of your fingers.

45, isnt castling illegal there as black rook is on b2?Please do Dalia Dippolito case.The faces they pull.Still looks like a very expensive cheese grater.I'm hoping I'm not alone with this.He's so likable :D.There are thousands of us in the middle who enjoy learning the game as we struggle from 1000 to 1500 and maybe to 2000 -.His infant daughter was diagnosed with a skin disease that caused painful boils and itchy patches all over it and Joseph had a "vision" that told him he could cure it if he got vaginal fluid from a young woman and mixed it with his own seman and added perfume to the mixture and put it on her skin.

Apology is not enough,

Apology is not enough,

In 7:53 the publisher says knight to h4 is not the best move but rather rook to d8 and he gave some possible continuations, i'm not good at chess but if that is the case and kasparov hadn't move the knight what happens if white captures the knight by the bishop, then rook d8 to d1 capturing the queen, then bishop f3 to d1 capturing rook.Conveniently places that are where poor and minority live.Thank you so much!What's the prize.I have this PCA tour on dvd.Jerry, when somebody ask me what is the best way to learn chess.Magnus: time is short.Walnut, such a majestic wood.Never heard of antikythera mechanism?I ran a test on a new program and the x index would output 0 0 1 if the length was three.


I solved einstein lock

Steven Buckley

The Concept And thought that goes to produce something unique from your mind to holding in your hand . Thank you very very much

Bishshoy Das

This should be helpful for me. Coz I lose every time when Black plays Sicilian.

Bodhi Geraci

I'm a big novice so what I'm going to say is probably really stupid but...1:44 why notQa4 Ne7Qxb4???

Paul E Taylor Jr

Damn I thought my mother should be in the top 10 oh well she probably would come out number 11

Joel Quarenta

Who the hell thought playing Beethoven's ninth symphony in the middle of a chess tournament would be a good idea?


Wait what? I get where they can all move now. But how did the white piece catch the black piece by going behind it. Thought you had to take its spot


at 30:20 why didn't you played g3? isn't it just kill the rook?ty

Parvathi Manoj

did eugene just say a "double dip" joke?

Mr peanutbutter

Loki father of fenrir and the world serpent, both Loki children kill Thor and Odin

Shing Geul

This was so much fun to watch!

Louis Sanchaze

In lichess app you can play up two 2500. Rated players alot of times if you play causal play and not rated if you're a low rated player .

Tim Baker

All that effort to build a beautiful coffee table..... jeez, ya must be pissed to find that your timber (hah!!) floor is not on a level plane...... that would really irk me......Any hoo... well done


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