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Playing Chess using Android Speech Recognition and TTS

If I buy from the orange big box store, the flat lumber cart is the same height as the rear of my Suburban.Please watch and share.Have your son tell you EXACTLY what to do in your workshop for a day.It's so clean unique smooth original well done masterpiece.I always enjoy watching you create, but the creation this time made me sad.

Aturan pionnya dimakan sama kuda bukan langsung skak bom sama ster ama ster bakal mati.Have biscuit joiner somewhere, just haven't used it much.So now you got the set looking so nice you will never use it.What's an amateur's ranking?The Legends approve.He got all those bullshit tattoos on his face tho.Dutch spring time!

Some kind of vacuum?

Some kind of vacuum?

That stuff isn't designed for any kind of load, and it burns away EASILY.Bd2 is actually good go use the engine in 5th move white stand a lot better.Qd8 was wrong just watch how itawakened the dog on the sofa 045.I guess they know this too and I’m not seeing further into tactics than they did.Eugene looked like he was gonna murder Zach oh my Gucci.Brilliant work sir!That guy's an IM?I have an honest question, what do you do to a player’s pieces if he lost?I'm thinking that white should have played h7 instead of g5, to prevent Rg8 and force black to play Rh822:50.I could go into more detail, but won't as my work would be nicked and I would get no money.

Interesting is that Houdini doesn't like 26.This is merely an example of the reason why Carlsen is deservedly the best player in the world, he goes for the win when others would settle for a quiet draw and yes, sometimes things like this happen and he loses, but these are are far and few and it shows in his results and achievements.It not the first time a Asian dude killed my whole squad alone.The next shop owner gives 1000 rupees and get backs the 1000 rupees.If Rxc6, Nxc6, Nxa3, you have a knight fork on e7.He had 1 bishop and 1 knight for the queen, definitely not enough.The last game queen sacrifice isl the best ever.

Today is not Firday lol it does not exist.What about people with metal implants?It's like square off, not a new idea.Why didn't he play Qg1 Rxg1 Nf2.Salamat kasi para na ring pinanonood ko ang aking storya.It must be f7 and Ne8 isn't it?Absolutely beautiful job.You sound like knock off Deadpool, or kid Deadpool?Exactly what I needed!Can someone tell what jerry missed at 1:31:59 ?

This is not football or something.For u to make and for u to see but the question is how do find them?Love your vids, daily ritual now haha.Thanks for the video!Fun fact, I am sure Nakamura would be faster, but when it comesabout the match, difference between him and Magnus is huge.Really nice build.Cake neche wala jle ga nahe.


It's a really cool idea, I would just like to see it as one piece instead of cut up into 4 separate pieces separated by grooved lines that cut off the roads. I would totally hang one of these in my office.

osu! Noob Cast

lim(x->0)(1/x) = inf

Nathan Lyke

I wish army to two was on here

Fem Chick

"theres a limit for the number of times you can fold a piece of paper" myth busted!

Extreme Titan2

Okay he didn't really give an answer so I will: learn python

john bentley

serious talent......

Mark Karasik

Green kids and scaley ones too... there’s that whole lost scene from the Arena when Kirk finds out the Gorn Captain is female...

Cole Nattermann

Love the video one comical flaw I found with wax.My shop is a non climate controlled garage used wax on my lathe bed on a hot summer day.The next day my tail stock was stuck in place

Jerome Goodwin

They don't move because of the equations the equations explain their movements.

Dave Lester

wow, thanks for this.


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