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Playing Like a Patzer | Magnus Carlsen vs. chess24 user FM GMsKoRPioN

Could you paint the chain with epoxy next time, so that it becomes it's own stand?Lol) so I might post an update video once it's done.What’s wrong with this woman?I guess I'm to have to start calling you Gandalf.I completed the green one.Those are assumptions.

I would be interested to see if the output is consistent or if it just shows a random mess no matter what signal goes through it.I'm pretty sure I'd be fingerless after cutting the sides of the lid in half.Do the transmute goldthat's 2nd forbidden thing in alchemy, no wonder they failed.

Popo will let you into the

Popo will let you into the

You can always manage to do without them just by being creative with roads.Thank you for your instruction.Used to play back in middlehigh school but just recently gotten back into it.Numberphile: Why 8392483717683001948491874 is a special number.OAK, ASH, YEW, MAPLE.1:08:08 Imaginary places - Busdriver.Aman near had an aneurysm watching mzz0.There is nothing called israel its occupied phalastine educate your self before making avideo.

Actually the old guy just play defense.That moment where he shows those head cleaning sticks sort of was 1 of those paradigm shift moments where you really realize finally really realize that you're no longer in the tape era and that digital technology (think the cybersilicon gods, LOL!He didn stop quirel.Not f4,you should have said Knight f6.I think this video is hard for me to understand because I don't know anything about what seems to be a core concept, which is the invariant.If not, what price would you price a really nice one at.

Master versi kecilJangan pada baper.) Would you actually use a set like that ?Simply the best so far in its topic.I had to go out for a beer.Worthy sacrifice.Found it: account starts at at 2 minutes.Good after noon sir, why using220v in india and why not using 110v in india give me full information in telugu and also advantages dis advantages.The insight that you allowed the piece to develop makes this even more remarkable.Have I been punked.It is another position without b3 and black can play c5?

From below comments, seen

From below comments, seen

Is there a reason you didn't mention the 10 inch Radial arm saw?I don't understand a single shit but I put a thumbs up though.That intro is such a mood.Can you epoxy my life.Pushing near 50.Machining everything by hand is awesome.

Schnick and Schnack.Even before watching it I love the concept: analysis og "normal" games.Why couldn't this guy just have been an artist?Interesting, I saw it as a board that looks like lots of little boxes rather than truncated pyramids.Oh I wet the beds.Thanks for sharing!I lost few hundred, but that was the plan.What am I missing here Kevin?This is really beautiful.

Jessica Lewis

Petition to make John an unofficial try guy? He cracks me the fuck up.

Eric Ruggiero

Where did you get your base from?Thanks

Robert Andrade

The name of this tape above the table? Tnks.

martin tobias

I have a God given invention that I machined myself and now waiting for a Patent hopefully to be issued this Aug 2019... I hope to buy my CNC machine 1 day if God willing I’ll run produce/machine my own products Amen!

James P

You with the wrong answer!


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